Scam Urban X Award Winners Are……..Updated

Scam Urban X Award Winners Are……..Updated

LOL  These fucktards have absolutely no fucking idea what they’re doing…Looking at the source code, they are using a wordpress site with what looks to be a WP plugin for Polls..Problem with most of the poll plugins is when you reach the end, they auto publish the results….Which is what appears to have happened here..

Some of the brackets were close, one would have to think that if the website worked properly from day 1 the results would probably be different..Or, had the continued voting thru today…lol

It’s gonna be really hard to fix the outcome when we already know who the winners are..Sorry Fake Mr. T

Even though we only posted a few of the results, we screen capped them all, just in case.. 🙂

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Urban X has since pulled the voting page…

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