Serenity Haze: The Lies Continue

Jun 23, 2016
Adult Business News
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Oh man..I feel like Pacino in The Godfather…I was out, but this tard drug me back in.

Trailer park vixen and future star of Locked Up Abroad Serenity Haze refuses to shut the fuck up.. In between taking random meth heads on Maury and attending KKK rally’s, Miss haze has decided to throw her hand into the blogging arena. Blogging isn’t easy btw, in between threesomes with Mark Spiegler and Abella Danger, I have to write unique quality content everyday.. So when I heard that Serenity was gonna give it a shot I couldn’t wait to read about life in the trailer park..

I figured it would be something like this:

I woke up to the touch of a soft tongue on the inside of my thigh, it was a feeling I’ve had many times in the past. I laid there enjoying the moistness of the licks while I gently played with my nipples..I was so close to cumming but my brothers parole officer called and he had to stop. I was disappointed until i turned on the TV and noticed they were running a Dukes Of Hazard marathon. #WINNING

Bubba got really sick today, momma keeps telling him to not cook meth with the windows closed.

Cousin skeeter got bit by a cockroach, i hope its not infected cuz he might miss school. Mamma says he cant to the 9th grade anymore cuz he’s 18. Fingers crossed

Today, me and Bubba found two quarters on the sidewalk, we walked to the store and scored some spicy chicken ramen..I can’t wait to cook for my family on Thanksgiving.

Now that’s quality blogging, not the stuff below:

I was on set with a producer which was also the creepy male talent. This dude made me very very uncomfortable. He chaged the scene without contacting my agent and lied about it so I refused to do that part of the scene. He then got angry. Well, we finally got through the boy girl part of the scene with his friend (very weird) and then his friend left and it was time for my first anal with the producer/male talent . He has been around for years so I thought it would be a good experience. (NOOOOO) He started eating my vagina (fine okay) but I didn’t enjoy it. Then, he slid his finger in my ass slowly and the lube he used really burned. I told im multiple times to STOP and he wouldn’t. I told him it burned & he kept telling me to stop complaining. I finally got pissed off and kicked him in the face and left. So the bastard told my agent that I was rude and disrespectful and he was not paying me. 3 days ago he released the footage he did not pay me for. Be aware ladies and gents!

I want to spread the word about this type of situation so you can hopefully prevent this from happening to you! And remember, if you have a bad feeling or do not want to do something, YOU are in control of yourself! Your body = your decisions!


What? You haven’t been paid??? Serenity Paid 6-21-16 1

Well how do you explain that tweet?  The tweet you seem to have deleted..Hmmm

Hopefully your new BF/Cousin will straighten you out..


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5 years ago

She gonna harp on the Woodman deal FOREVER, cause it is the only interesting thing about her.

Someone book Shorty Mac for her next attempt at anal. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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