Serenity Haze: The Saga Continues…

Jun 19, 2016
Adult Business News
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You would think after yesterday’s award winning write up, Serenity would pack it in. But nooo… she’s like the little retarded engine that could..

Let’s recap the last few days, shall we.  Serenity accused Woodman of rape. Not only was she allegedly raped by Woodman, but he raped and didn’t pay her. Of course, like the true super hero I am, I pointed out the flaws in her stupid story and then without warning, eFukt dropped the bomb on her, declaring her “The Dumbest Cunt In Porn.” Think about that for a moment. There have been ALOT of dumb cunts in porn.. I’m talking tons, but Serenity has been declared the unanimous winner! I heard she even got a cool ‘Dumbest Cunt’ tee and a ‘Dumbest Cunt’ participation ribbon.

Someone left this awesome comment on my site:

“Does it bother anyone else that this woman has the temerity to falsely accuse Pierre Woodman of rape out of one side of her mouth, only to have the audacity to actively wish fellow industry peer Sheena Ryder to be gang raped out of the other side of her mouth? I actually know REAL victims of rape and sexual assault, and find these statements of hers despicable. I get that she’s young and stupid, but that’s not a sufficient excuse for either of these statements, It’s clear that we’re witnessing her adult career in it’s death throes, which is certainly for the best for everybody, as she’s not hot and has literally nil sucking and fucking skills, so her ass getting bussed back down to the minors of the industry to webcam for $5 gift cards makes the most sense for all concerned parties. Cherish that flooded safe of yours Miss Haze, because like they say on Game of Thrones, winter is coming!”

Since the epic gang-rape tweet yesterday, Miss Haze has fired at least one more:

It’s troubling that one women could wish rape on another, especially since the one wishing it on others has claimed to have been raped herself.

Unless of course, the person doing the wishing has actually been convicted of rape…


It looks like Miss “I’m not a racist” Haze was arrested and convicted of fucking a 16 year old.. Explains alot. I wonder if she has to register as a Sex Offender, surely the scam union has rules about rapists.

Rule 44, subsection b, paragraph 4, section 2, line 2 – Any performer who rapes minors and is voted porn’s biggest cunt can’t be in porn anymore.

I can see the shit now, 16 year old comes home, ‘Dad, dad, I just banged a 20 year old‘.. ‘Really son?’ High five..’Did you take a picture son?‘Of course pop, check this out’


Dad immediately beats son, forces him to take a drug test and then calls 911.

Oh, and just in case any of you forgot:



Yes, the constant use of the N-word does not a racist make.  That little gem was sent to P Carter, after Pressley laid the smack down on her via twitter.

I found out were Serenity keeps her $5 amazon gift card filled safe:


And guess what else…found out she lives next door to Mike South…

From what I understand, it’s been a fun-filled day on her timeline, a timeline that has sense been made private. I will post a few of them below.. As you will see, she’s on her way to either AVN performer of the year, or The First 48..


She went to college and learned where Miami is..LOL  hazeMiamihaz



Huh?  You shoot porn Serenity, not very much and not very good, but you still shoot..


But yet you screamed for weeks about the money your agent hadn’t given you. Then got so hard up you began selling clips for $5 amazon gift cards.. I’m guessing you got the nicest trailer in the trailer park?? Full size fridge AND hot water. WINNING!



LOL! The eFukt vid, which is your most popular vid to date BTW, up to 340,000 views, and lets be perfectly honest, its not because its quality porn.

I have a question?  Should girls be afraid to touch balls?  I mean, I would think if you shoot B/G, touching balls is is part of it. Or are we to the point in porn where a girl will put touching balls on her no list..

Abella Dangers booking info, B/G, B/B/G, GB, Anal, IR, G/G, Toys, Dom, BDSM, Only thing she wont do is touch some balls…

Ms. Haze: you’ve insulted about 100 different porn stars personally, 4 directors, and you’ve tweeted insults about the girls who shoot in general. Maybe, just maybe you can self book a snuff vid down in Ole’ Mexico..

Look at the bright side, at least you can spend time with your fake boyfriend.

Note: Next time you make up a fake BF, don’t tweet a pic of some scruffy haired dude with a fuzzy chin then claim he’s in the military..

Stealing pics isn’t new to Miss Haze..

She was accused of stealing pictures a few years ago to use in one of her many online scams..

Even worse, Serenity has actually stolen pictures of sick baby and created fake fundraising scams.


Strangers open their hearts and their wallets to donate to a sick little girl’s GoFundMe account.

The problem?

That little girl’s family doesn’t know anything about that fundraising account. They say whoever started it is using their little girl’s situation to scam people out of money.

Ashley Guice of Haughton has a little 18-month-old girl named AnnaLea who has been struggling with epileptic seizures.

“In June of last year she had her very first seizure,” she said.

Since then, AnnaLea has seen countless doctors for her epilepsy. Doctors have not been able to diagnose exactly what AnnaLea has. Guice said she made a Facebook and GoFundMe page so family and friends could help and follow AnnaLea’s progress.

But over the weekend, Guice was devastated to see pictures of her baby girl somewhere else.

“Anna Lea’s pictures with a different name on there and she had been raising money off my child’s pictures,” she said.

She’s describing a GoFundMe page with some money raised for a girl named “Lacie Brooke.” If one looks between AnnaLea’s Facebook page and the GoFundMe account, you can see the same pictures.

“It’s unimaginable how someone could do that,” Guice said.

The pictures are from when Anna Lea was put into a medically induced coma. Guice says they seemed to have been stolen from her social media accounts.

“It’s really hard to see that somebody would try and steal and use my daughter for something like that,” she said.

The family filed a police report to local authorities. The Bossier Parish Sheriffs Office says even if it sounds good, do some research before giving your money.

“It’s a shame that we’ve got to get involved in such things. It’s a shame that we realize that there are folks out there who try and scam people who work for their money, and then there’s folks who try to take it in illegitimate and illegal ways,” said Lt. Bill Davis.

The GoFundMe website says unfortunately, there’s no way to guarantee a page has truthful information — donors should only give to pages they know and trust.

After an outcry on social media, the page has since been taken down. But the Guice family wants to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

“There are lots of different accounts out there to donate to, just make sure you’re donating to the right one,” said Shelley Langford, Anna Lea’s grandmother. “Because there’s a lot of people out there that do this. My daughter has been through enough.”

The Guice family said there were several other GoFundMe pages links to the same account, and they believe they know who created it.

We called the woman — who is local and wanted to be unnamed. She’s associated with the facebook page linked to the go fund me account. She tells us she believes her account was hacked, and that someone stole her pictures to create this fake account.

Here’s some advice from the Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office when it comes to donating online:

Anyone who asks you to put money on something like a green dot card, is a red flag.
Understand who you are giving to.
Do your research on the organization or the entity.
If possible, know the family or the people you are giving to — don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Carrie Reich
Jul 2 2015
Wow – I had heard about this but just now found the story. Also heard the same girl who did this also did a GoFundMe account for her mom’s cancer. Mom didn’t know anything about it either and had actually been cancer free for awhile. It’s a shame people take advantage of someone else’s misery.
Dylan Mccain
Peanut butter jelly time!
Savannah Hines
Lidia lee is such a conniving little girl that deserve to be put in here place for this. How could you do this to a family that deals with enough. Not only also use your mothe saying she has cancer. Baby giel you know what you are doing and karma is coming to get you. I pray for this sweet family and y’all’s baby girl
Darian Jeffries
Lidia Lee needs to go. DOWN. ?
Darian Jeffries
She did this on purpose it was no accident i think this little girl should go down for what she did. She knew what she was doing when she took them pictures off that poor ladies go fund me. PLEASE GET A LIFE.
Jessica Louise
The person who did this has been a trouble maker and full of drama in numerous online yardsale pages. She knows exactly what she is doing and is known for bad decisions. I hope after an investigation she has charges brought against her!
Jamie Johnson
Man, Lidia, how can you even live with yourself? So pathetic.
Ashley Digilormo
The girl that made that account knew exactly what she was doing. I have known that girl since high school and she has always wanted attention and will do anything to get it. No one hacked her account. She did it and she will do it again. She should be punished for her actions. My prayers go out to the Guice family. Im so sorry this has happened after everything yall have been through.

From what I understand this isn’t the first fundraising scam shes done.

eFukt got it right, She is the Dumbest Cunt In Porn…

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7 years ago

Wow Sean, I’ve got to hand it to you … you are really growing as a writer, and dare I say journalist? What is the porn industry equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize? Is there one? Maybe they will call it the Tompkins Award in the future someday if you keep writing pieces like this! As for our classic antihero hoisted on her own petard, Serenity Haze … it’s just funny to me that none of this would have ever happened to her, and she would still be toiling in relative obscurity, had she not falsely accused Woodman of rape and… Read more »

Pimpin In Atlanta
Pimpin In Atlanta
7 years ago

god damn. This was a work of art.

7 years ago

Someone please get Duke Skywalker on the line and have him book this ho for FacialAbuse. I think the mid scene meltdown would be very jackable.

Mr Haze
Mr Haze
7 years ago

Is That a Google Banner under the trailer car port to the rear ?
Just Curious

TRPWL - Sucks
7 years ago

She got it right, Sean. You are a faggot.

7 years ago

Yeah, and her recent “magazine photos” she posted last week were taken by me about a year and a half ago. Way to not give credit

7 years ago

Just for the sake of accuracy, and to keep this amazing story accurate, i do believe the carnal knowledge charges were dropped and she may or maynot have been falsely accused.

She literally pissed every person in her hometown off. Apparently she started her porn career in junior high. Idk but i hear tales of a video, a dog, and peanut butter…..

4 years ago
Reply to  ThisGuy


7 years ago

The peanut butter dog video is true. She is constantly doing crazy shit around here and literally no one likes her.

7 years ago

The cardinal knowledge charges were dropped because she had sex with the kids dad. I know them both personally, the boy and father also ended up finding out they had herpes and chlymidia. That would be why everyone here in her hometown calls her chlymidia lidia. She told me personally that she was going to kill my child and that I should just kill myself for having a kid out of wedlock. She is literally psycho.

7 years ago

I will beat her ass for free …

Its coming do believe that …
y’all don’t even know this little girl is repulsive… I should have beat her mothers ass 12 yrs ago … damn cops had to protect her … so fast forward to now … I am going to give this little fuck the ass whooping for her mom and one for her to her …

Nick Motz
Nick Motz
7 years ago

hold up i know this bitch did not put my sisters fucking name out there. my sister has a job and pays her god damn bills shes doing better than anybody that is from that god damn trailer park. Ashley Digilormo did not make a fake account saying she was part of the Guice family or any of that shit. i know my sister and she would never do that kind of shit.

7 years ago

Fuck you … you stupid Ball licker, … you obviusly missed the point … woodman is the dumnber cunt I have ever see

mark john
mark john
7 years ago

serenity’s youtube channel?

Joe Fudpucker
Joe Fudpucker
6 years ago

I find it amusing that anyone is surprised to find out that women, and particularly sex workers actually…LIE! Some of you guys remind me of the dumbasses who married Thai hookers and were actually surprised when they found out that she didn’t actually love them, but only married them to get US Citizenship! Women lie, from the time they wake up until the time they go to sleep, and some even lie while they’re sleeping…not a criticism, just a fact…thats the way they evolved in order to guarantee the survival of our species. As soon as you realize and accept… Read more »

Joe Fudpucker
Joe Fudpucker
6 years ago

Oh, and one other thing…Woodmam is a piece of shit who needs his ass kicked in the worst way. Worst excuse for decent porn in the industry.

Larry Arcia
Larry Arcia
5 years ago

I wanna fuck her up the ass then cum all over her face! - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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