Sex Workers in Parliamentary Meeting (VIDEO)

Apr 1, 2014
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Sex Workers at parliamentary meeting

Sex workers from across the UK and rest of Europe crammed into a select committee room in the House of Commons to argue against plans to change prostitution laws that would criminalize clients.

UK Sex Workers in Parliamentary Meeting

Buying and selling sex

Recently an all-Party Parliamentary Group called for the British prostitute laws to be overhauled so that women selling sex are no longer criminalized but buying sex is against the law. In other words, buying sex would become illegal, but selling sex would no longer be a criminal offense.

A similar law is being planned in Europe along the lines of countries such as Norway and Sweden where clients are criminalized for buying sex.

Lives at risk

The English Collective of Prostitution (ECP) has criticised the proposals stating that criminalizing clients would not stop prostitution nor will it stop the criminalization of women. But it would make it more dangerous and stigmatising for sex workers and put lives at risk.

The parliamentary meeting was hosted by Labour MP John McDonnell and organised by the English Collective of Prostitutes and the People’s Parliament.

Opinion Poll

On the day of the meeting an opinion poll revealed that over half the UK public opposed criminalization of prostitution.  Conducted by GfK for the Campaign for Radical Sociology, the poll also found that only three in ten nationwide were in favour.  In London it was only one in four.


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[…] On the day of the meeting an opinion poll revealed that over half the UK public opposed criminalization of prostitution. Conducted by GfK for the Campaign …read more     […]

Ernest Greene
Ernest Greene
9 years ago

The real lesson to be learned from all this, as always, is that when politics goes up against culture, politics loses. That’s why we no longer have The Volstead Act. America wanted a drink, damn it, and no law was going to stand in the way of that forever. The culture of Europe has long been tolerant of prostitution. It will continue to be no longer what laws are passed by what band of fanatical imbeciles. I believe that’s what the public and sex workers alike, who know each other far better than politicians, Holy Joes or rad-fems know either,… Read more » - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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