A Shy Love Double Feature: Shy Love Is Super Duper Smart

Jul 18, 2016
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Remember that scene in Caddy Shack where Bill Murry is making C4 animals in a failed attempt at blowing up the gopher?  Later when he goes to drop the clay squirrel in the hole he says something like, “Don’t mind me Mr Gopher, I’m just a harmless squirrel, not a plastic explosive.”  Yea, and guess what?  He wasn’t a harmless squirrel, he was in fact, a plastic explosive..

Last week I told you about ShyLove outing pornstars real names on a fake blog. Using information I had got from Shy and others, I was able to piece together a pretty good picture of Shy being connected to that blog.

A little while ago, I went to the blog and found this post dated today:

Everyone wants to know who runs this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s make this clear this site is run by someone Dave gave complete confidence in and then screwed over. But since the Donny Long army which consist on being Sean from TRPWL and Dave at TLC want to interfere. Dave not only gave me your fully legal name, but your social security numbers and reports, which you can find out a lot about a person. Info will be posted soon…………….

You make think this site is connected to Mike South, John Forbush or Shy love, but it is not.

First let me say John Forbush is a piece of shit that would sell his own mother out possibly and I would not fucking trust a word he says.

Mike South honestly don’t know much about him to write about.

Shy Love aka Sheelagh Blumberg D/O/B 11/27/1978 is a fucking cunt and I can’t stand the bitch and one day maybe I will write about her but for now the bitch has not fucked with my path.

“Everyone” how about hardly anyone, the only reason I care is because a Porn agents with access to TTS and 2257 information shouldn’t be posting real names online..It doesnt matter what you think this persons done to you..

So the “real” owner of the blog says its Not Shy. Even going as far as to say he or she thinks Shy is a cunt. Then posts Shy’s real Name and DOB..Well that seals it, no way it could be Shy Love.

I mean if it was Shy, she would never ever post her own info online, Im certain she wouldn’t want that info to get out, or would she. Her tweet from 2 weeks ago:


Odd to say the least.

Let me see if I understand

A blog appears out of nowhere, attacking Shy’s enemies, outing kids as well as the real identities of about 10 girls in porn. I connect the dots, blame Shy for it, a few days later, a post goes up claiming to hate Shy but clearing her at the same time..

For those that still don’t get it

So “not Shy” creates a blog in anonymity, clearly not wanting to be known,  and when someone else gets blamed for it, not shy comes to “cunt” Shy’s defense???  Makes complete sense


Freeze Gopher



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