Strip Club Donation To Little League Refused – ‘To Keep The Game Clean’

Mar 13, 2012
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A little league team in Lennox, California, has been plagued by bills that have kept its children out of the ball game for the first few weeks of the season. A strip club in Lennox, California tried to donate $1,200 [the money the team needed].

Although some parents said they were OK with the donation coming from a strip club, league president Aguirre is not and so the league has turned down the money, KTLA reports. Aguirre said Monday morning, “This morning we found out exactly where the check came from. It was a shocker to us.”

He told KTLA that the Lennox School District will return the check to the strip club, and the league will look to other businesses for the money it still needs. He also hopes the district will renegotiate the fees it has increased.

This is not the first time Jet Strip’s donations have been turned down. In the past, the strip club’s charity was turned away by the Special Olympics and the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Source: Huffington Post


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12 years ago

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