That Time The Urban X Awards Tried To Sell The Best Talent Agency Award. #OCModeling

Aug 16, 2021
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It’s that time of the year. With the government cutting off unemployment, the scammers need to get back to their old ways. One tried and true scam is the Urban X Awards, much like the BIPOC Collective, Urban X uses race as the hook to land the bucks.

Don’t believe me? Urban X is the same award show that inducted Axel Braun into it’s Hall of Fame. The same Axel Braun who at one point had hired 344 people to performer in his shit movies, and only 30 of them were black.

Seems like the perfect guy to induct into your URBAN award show, a racist nut.

Or could of been that maybe he was inducted into the fly by night award show because he cut a check?

Which brings us to this post.

In 2019, they tied to sell Best Talent Agency award to two different agencies, they both declined and OC Modeling wound up with the award. No one knows what or if Sandra paid for the award, one can only speculate that money changed hands. I mean after all, if you were gonna give an award away based on merit only, Sandra and OC don’t make the top 3. They don’t call her Shady Sandra for nothing…

Make no mistake about it, Urban X is here to take your money, and pay the bills. And I’m here to make fun of them (especially Bartholet) every step of the way.

More Urban X stuff later.

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