The Devil and Shelley Lubben – Episode 4: Revelation

Jun 28, 2012
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Episode 4 of the documentary exposé of anti-porn fanatic Shelley Lubben and her sham non-profit organization, Pink Cross Foundation.

This episode debunks another segment of “The Shelley Lubben Myth” — her allegation that she and her infant were abandoned by her unloving parents — through the examination and comparison of her ever-changing accounts of those years, as well as private correspondence, first-hand testimony, and photographic evidence.

Directed by Michael Whiteacre, and featuring guest appearances by Samantha Phillips and adult performer Alana Evans

Devil And Shelley Lubben

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11 years ago

I thought you & Ari were the worst people on the planet Sean, But then I came across Nica N, What a dumb bitch

11 years ago

This is a really good one. It’s obvious why Shelly can treat porn stars so bad, once you see what’s she’s willing to do to her own family!

BTW, is there a way to change my icon, so I don’t always get the frown face, I’m actually a really happy person, lol 🙂

11 years ago
Reply to  Carrie

Carrie, the default avatars are generated by your email address. if you want one of your choosing, go to and register your email and avatar. it’s a free service, and your avatar will follow you around the net wherever you comment, if you use the same email address [and the site has gravatar enabled]. 🙂 - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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