Third Sex Crime Case Filed Against Gail Dines Associate Donny Pauling

Apr 11, 2015
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Anti-porn activist Donny Pauling was arraigned on more sex crime charges Friday in Sutter County Superior Court.  The new charges allege that he sexually molested an underage girl between January 1, 2014 and February 2, 2014. He is also charged with providing marijuana to the girl.

According to the local newspaper, the Appeal-Democrat

Deputy District Attorney Anu Chopra alleged there were multiple inappropriate contacts with this victim in Sutter County.

Pauling now faces 15 felonies and three misdemeanors for alleged sexual relations with three teen girls, including allegations of multiple counts of statutory rape of two teen girls.

This is the third sex crime case filed against Pauling, who is currently being held without bail on one of his two earlier cases. He pleaded not guilty to the latest charges.


A victim said Pauling told her he wasn’t like other child molesters because he loved her.


A former low-end producer of soft and hardcore images, Pauling became (in his own words) “a Christian speaker [who] shares his story and the truth about the dangers of porn to churches and universities around the country.”

Pauling on WNGL Archangel Radio in August 2014.

As an associate of Gail Dines and Shelley Lubben, he preached regularly about what the alleges are the detrimental impacts of pornography on girls and women, and families. All three were featured speakers at the Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation 2014 Summit in May of last year.

However the numerous criminal charges filed against him suggest that he may have been a serial molester all the while.

Dines and Pauling in May 2014 Photo: Screencap of YouTube video / PornHarms

Gail Dines and Donny Pauling in May 2014. Photo: Screencap of YouTube video / PornHarms

Gail Dines and Donny Pauling in 2014 - Third Sex Crime Case Filed Against Gail Dines Associate Donny Pauling

Gail Dines and Donny Pauling in 2014.

Pauling was arrested Dec. 1 by the Sutter County Sheriff on three felony sex charges, including Unlawful Intercourse (Statutory Rape), after a 16-year-old female told law enforcement that Pauling had ongoing sexual contact with her for the past three years.

In an interview with journalist Meredith J. Graham, Ms. Chopra revealed that the 16-year-old was a relative who had been living with Pauling for several years.

“He was the caretaker of the child—they lived together in Shasta County, then moved to Yuba City [in 2012],” Chopra explained. During that time, she said, Pauling and the girl allegedly had a sexual relationship. She also alleged that he photographed the girl with other young girls in various poses.

According to detectives, the teen had first disclosed Pauling’s actions to both her mother and a friend Thanksgiving week. The Appeal-Democrat reports

She told detectives Pauling had told her that if she ever told officers about the relationship, she should tell him first so he could kill himself. She also said Pauling told her he wasn’t like other child molesters because he loved her.

Sutter County sheriff’s Detective Robert C. Brokenbrough, who has interviewed the teen three times since Nov. 30, testified that

Pauling first made inappropriate comments to the first victim about her lips and bottom. The comments turned into sexual acts, and Pauling first had sex with the girl in the summer of 2014. She said he used a condom until he had a vasectomy…. The girl told him that Pauling bought her lingerie — which detectives discovered in his bedroom — and photographed her in erotic and sexualized poses. She said Pauling uploaded the photos to Deputy District Attorney Anu Chopra submitted 10 photos of the girl into evidence. Some of the photos included the girl posing topless, exposing her bottom, and some included other minors.

According to Brokenbrough, the teen told authorities that Donny Pauling had once video-recorded her in the shower, which she only realized after she discovered the hidden device. The detective also testified that there were additional witnesses.

He said a mother of a friend of the girl’s once saw a photo of the girl’s crotch on Pauling’s phone. And the girl’s ex-boyfriend disclosed that Pauling told him that Pauling had seen the girl’s vagina and urged the boy to date her.


Other indictments

On Dec. 17, Pauling claimed in a jailhouse interview that Sutter County Sheriff’s Captain Lewis McElfresh Jr. had urged him to have sex with another 16-year-old girl. Evidence of the second alleged victim was presented to Yuba City police by a man named Chase Hammonds. According to an officer’s declaration, Hammonds confronted McElfresh about the alleged incident, recorded the conversation and provided the recording to a Sutter County sheriff’s lieutenant.

On Dec. 18, the Appeal-Democrat reported, the Sutter County District Attorney charged McElfresh with five felonies: two counts of felony child molestation, willful child cruelty, burglary and misdemeanor charges of annoying or molesting a minor and indecent exposure. McElfresh is accused of masturbating while, allegedly, watching a minor being sexually violated by Pauling. McElfresh, is being held with bail set at $5 million.

According to statements made in open court on Jan 14, additional victims were identified in the criminal investigation of Pauling.

second criminal case was filed against Pauling on Jan. 28. According to the Appeal-Democrat

Chopra filed a nine-count criminal complaint naming Pauling in [connection with McElfresh]. The charges alleged four incidents of unlawful sex with a minor…. Investigators are in the process of interviewing eight minor girls as potential victims of Pauling, according to a declaration filed by Sutter County sheriff’s Lt. James Casner. Some of those girls live in Glenn and Butte counties. Chopra said she will ask for a bail enhancement for Pauling, which, if granted, would increase his bail from $500,000 to $1 million.

The second criminal complaint against the anti-pornography activist includes eight sex crime-related counts — including several instances of sexual intercourse; oral copulation and penetration with a foreign object on a minor — as well as one charge of first-degree burglary.

A copy of the criminal complaint in the third sex crime case against Pauling was not available at press time.

Pauling is scheduled to return to court April 22.

Pauling update 2015-04-10 Third Sex Crime Case Filed Against Donny Pauling

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Ernest Greene
Ernest Greene
9 years ago

The usually loquacious Professor Dines has remained remarkably quiet on this subject. Wonder why.

Anthony Kennerson
9 years ago

Probably because she’s too busy swilling her BS at conferences like #TEDx and taking her honoraria…or trolling porn girls on Twitter. Ask Mercedes Carrera. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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