That Time Nutjob Gail Dines Called 911 On Me

Jun 9, 2016
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I was cleaning out my external hardrive and came across this:

/var/www/fax/faxes/recvd/2014/05/05/7818304895/000035800/fax.tif /var/www/fax/faxes/recvd/2014/05/05/7818304895/000035800/fax.tif

Yea..So a couple years ago I was reading Dines timeline, on a backup twitter mind you, and she was on her usual rant about porn and rape..

Later in the day, I was still miffed about this stupid pig and tweeted  “Someone needs to kick Gail Dines in the face.” Since the cow had blocked me, I didn’t tag her or anyone else for that matter…

A couple hours later, this side of beef starts tweeting me about people going to jail and how she’s called the cops on me..Apparently this self absorbed rack of ribs searches her name on twitter. And of course, like I normally do when Porca’s make threats, I chuckled..

A month or so later, twitter sends me the subpoena with this message :

Dear Twitter User:

We are writing to inform you that Twitter has received the attached legal process, dated May 5, 2014, regarding your Twitter account, @TRPWL. This legal process obligates Twitter to produce information related to your account.

One of our core values is to defend and respect the user’s voice. Accordingly, it is our policy to notify users of requests for their account information prior to disclosure unless we’re prohibited from doing so by law. We are notifying you of this legal process in order to allow you to decide whether or not you will oppose the production of the requested information, either by filing a motion with the court where the legal process was issued or contacting the requesting party directly.

Please be advised that Twitter is required to respond to this request by August 13, 2014. If we do not receive notice from you that a motion to quash the legal process will or has been filed, or that this matter has been otherwise resolved, we may produce some or all of the requested information. Please let us know as soon as possible if you intend to file a motion with the court, and send us a copy of what has been filed. If you have resolved the matter with the requesting party, please have them send us confirmation that the legal process is withdrawn.

We cannot give you any legal advice, but suggest that you may wish to seek your own legal counsel in this matter. If you need assistance seeking counsel in the United States, you may consider contacting the Electronic Frontier Foundation (,, +1 415-436-9333) or the ACLU (, +1 212-549-2500).

To respond to this notice, please reply directly to this email or email us at


Good for twitter, not caving into the bullshit…

Anyway, It looks like things didn’t work out for Miss Dines, ..Maybe someone kicked her in the face and straightened her out..

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