Trump And Putin Are “Singing In The Rain” Down At The Erotic Heritage Museum

Mar 8, 2017
Press Release
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Once again Las Vegas’ Erotic Heritage Museum is stirring up trouble. Known for their symposiums, historical erotic art gallery, sexy displays, the EHM has updated their Lewinsky scandal exhibit with a new unique tableau. Two of the world’s biggest leaders (and some would say close bedfellows), Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin appear in the museum’s new exhibit enjoying a specific kind of shower that only the EHM would have the guts to display.

“Our political parody exhibit now has Trump talking smack with Putin in the background with two girls peeing on them,” Museum Director Doctor Victoria Hartmann says “Well, it’s actually water droplets from the ceiling. Still…”

The full-size exhibit is yet another bold statement from the EHM, a champion of free self-expression, LGBTQ rights and the diversity of sexual expression. Whether unfurling a First Amendment banner across their roof or displaying Nazi-era sexual paraphernalia the twenty-four thousand square foot Erotic Heritage Museum-which sits right across the street from Trumps’ Las Vegas Hotel, located at 3275 Sammy David Jr. Drive-continues to poke, prod and maybe even piss-off the intelligentsia with meaningful, spirited, and often controversial broadsides.

As Dr. Hartmann adds: “We use these exhibits to illustrate how people in power use sexuality as a means by which to control the masses and how we at the museum expose these hypocrisies.”

The Trump/Putin exhibit can be seen at The Erotic Heritage Museum, Mon-Weds: 11 am-to 7 pm/Thur-Sun: 11am-10pm. For more information visit:

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