Update On The Nikki Benz Assault Allegations

Dec 25, 2016
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After talking with people connected with the Nikki Benz-Tony T shoot, I was told there were 7 people on that set.  2 PA’s, 1 still photographer, 1 makeup artist, the male talent Ramon Nomar, Tony T the director, and Nikki the female talent.

I’m told that Nikki said stop at least 4 times..Each time, they stopped… Now, when filming the rougher stuff, after a performer uses the safe word, studios like Kink will place the camera on the ground but will leave it rolling, unfortunately, on Tony’s set, each time Nikki told Ramon to stop, the camera was shut off.  In one instance Roman was slapping Nikki’s boobs, she said stop, they stopped and resumed with him slapping her belly.

The Brazzers firing Tony T situation is also getting more interesting, did they fire him after watching all the unedited shoot footage? Or did they fire him based on public outrage and a couple pictures? While I have no reason to doubt Nikki, I also cant find anyone involved in that shoot that is backing her claims..But who knows, people will say what they think needs to be said to keep the checks coming..

I was also informed that Tony may have retained a civil attorney. Not sure if its due to Brazzers firing him, or due to the abuse allegations leveled at him by Nikki Benz or both..

One thing is certain, that uncut footage will have to made public at some point….



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  • There is no way the footage will be released, if it is part of pending litigation. Even if it wasn’t, I would be surprised if Benz would want the public to see her get violated. Anyways, I personally have no desire to see any non-consensual sex act so I wouldn’t watch it anyways.

    Kirk Randolph December 26, 2016 7:41 am 7:41 AM Reply
    • Im almost %100 sure the footage will come out sooner or later..There is no criminal complaint, and Nikki has no say so in it being released..If in fact the evidence points towards no wrong doing, that video is gold from a sales standpoint..

      TRPWL-Sean December 26, 2016 10:19 am 10:19 AM Reply
  • they will have to one way or another the director has a right to fight for his job and reputation so if he strongly believes he didn’t do anything wrong brazzers will be forced to show it to back his termination or end up with a wrongful dismissal suit to deal with .same goes other way people start to doubt nikki and/or reexamine the footage and say maybe they were hasty in firing him. then, they will use it to justify him back working..either way brazzers has picked a side. anything happens to cause them to flop they know the outcry will be huge.and its eithr him or her at fault. brazzers definitely wont be taking the fall lol.she knows the cams were there so it be bad time to be unsure and she seems 100 % sure so theres no reason to doubt her in my opinion. it sucks all round and that footage could stop ANY doubt and who doesnt closure . nikkibenz ? of course braazzers ? Abso”fucking”lutely but what do i know

    disco December 26, 2016 7:51 pm 7:51 PM Reply

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