Vanessa Blue Has No Connection To PWL

Sep 11, 2011
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I think when it comes to PWL, I’ve established myself at the top of the food chain with who did what. We have been in possession of every post, every pm, and been through assorted emails involving certain people connected to PWL. There is NOTHING anywhere to connect Vanessa Blue to PWL.

Certain people like to make up stories in a effort to be relevant. I won’t mention names, but every week they drag another person into a story that’s been over for 2 months. The only people that can truly talk about PWL on our end are Myself, Mike South, Mike Whiteacre, Mercedes Ashley, Mark Spiegler, Kayden Kross and 3 others who wish to remain anonymous. And if the powers that be knew who one of those people were, they would shyt on themselves.

Any person who tries and tell you otherwise is clueless and most likely drunk. The whole reasoning behind her name even popping up MAKES NO SENSE. It’s arguably one of the dumbest theories I’ve heard in the last 3 months.

I’m not gonna give this person any publicity, but rest assured there’s nothing to their accusations. I should have came out sooner with this but I was trying to play politician and see if I could keep this person from acting stupid. So, I would like to apologize for NOT KILLING THIS RUMOR the first time it came out…

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