So When is Violence ever the answer? by Wendy Williams

Aug 30, 2013
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So I want to write about an experience I had today that touched a sore point for me.  As most know I’ve been in the Adult Industry for over 10 years.  Ive encountered many versions of bigotry and stereotypes within the Industry and of course in my civilian life.  One of the things I think Ive tried to do proudly is be a voice in my genre for many battles ranging from Adult Award shows, too getting more press coverage for ts models and or just being, not an advocate, but someone who really does and try.


Fighting stereotypes of HIV among transsexual performers, defending cross-over talent who test regularly, or just being an ear of advice to new performers within my genre.  So today I was on facebook when a producer who I have known for many years Steve V. from Devils Film had a funny picture of him with the words “I want you to buy Transsexual BabySitters 27?.  I found it funny and began to read the comments when one comment from a fellow Industry member kind of rubbed me the wrong way.  Hamed Allen. Executive VP and COO at Planet Earth Wholesale , according to his Linkedln profile made the comment and I quote “Hamed Allen What kinda parent has tranny’s watching their kids?”  Well that comment rubbed me wrong in many ways.


First what is wrong with a transsexual individual babysitting a child?  What does he think we would do?  Turn them into a transsexual, harm them?  What?  The series by Devils like MANY series is a gimmick however the transsexual women who shoot for them are REAL human beings and I take offense to the comment.  I then went onto comment “Hamed what kind of parents had you? IDIOT”  Ok maybe not the most professional or adult reply but I was so bummed out that something that was meant to be “funny” turned into a nice jab towards a TS woman.  I was also kinda disturbed that fellow ts producers Mike K. and Steve V. had “liked” his comment.  Now let me say that both producers have always been civil to me but I wished they would of ignored or maybe stepped up as guys making money off our genre and said something in favor.


Now to Steve’s credit he did try and make light of the comment but at this point it had gone from bad to worse.  It’s the moments that follow that really made me stick to my stomach.  Recently in many states including California and New York there have been transsexual women brutally murdered, in fact, hate crimes of TS women seem to be a common news story lately, so the threats of violence of anyone especially me as a trans woman I really take serious.

So here are the comments from Hamed Allen who initiated the conversation with his original comment.  “Hamed Allen Wendy no one asked for you to open your fucking mouth and talk about my parents you punk bitch so stuff a dick in it and shut the fuck up asshole. Have a sense of humor and piss off because I’m in your backyard and best know I will smash and thrash the fuck out of you pig.”

So there you have it I am not only called childish names but then the act of violence to “smash and thrash the fuck out of you pig”.  What has the world come too in the age of social media that someone who is a COO of a company would make horrible threats and comments to a human being, sadly a fellow Industry member?  Oh I can answer that, its because I’m a transsexual woman.  If he had made that comment to a genetic female then people would have went off or at least I would hope so.  Steve V. did say “enough of the violence comments” and then deleted the thread.  Sadly not ONE single person took up for me but yet thought it was funny with comments of “LoL”.  In fact one FEMALE whose profile said she worked for Devils made a comment of something like “Hamed you are better than that”.  Is he?

I am sure people will think I’m being too sensitive or wonder why I am blogging about the issue but honestly I can’t sit back and allow a grown professional man to think it’s ok for him to spout off horrible insensitive comments and THREATS and think its ok, ITS NOT!

So if any of my fans or fellow Industry members want to send your concerns to his company then this is the email .  For Mr. Allen I am sorry you felt that I as a woman didn’t find your comments funny and you couldn’t handle my follow up comment but to threaten me with violence is wrong and you should be ashamed.  I have been in the Adult Industry for 11 years and been called MANY things.  I hope you take the time to reflect on your comments and also that your Company “O Planet Earth” starts with some sensitivity training.



Wendy Williams


Wendy Williams Blog

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