Woman Awarded $900,000 For Herpes Infection

Jun 5, 2012
Health, Safety & Testing
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A jury awarded an Oregon woman $900,000 after her date allegedly gave her herpes.

The decision came after four days of testimony and two hours of deliberation in a Multnomah County courtroom .

The plaintiff, a 49-year-old woman from Beaverton, met the defendant, a 69-year-old retired dentist, on an Internet dating website in 2010. The two went on three dates together and on the forth they had sex. Roughly 11 days later, the plaintiff had a herpes outbreak, it was revealed in court.

During testimony in the case, the woman said she had asked the defendant to wear a condom. She said he agreed but removed it, without her knowledge, before the act was finished. Afterward, he allegedly told her he had herpes.

The plaintiff said she has since experienced repeated outbreaks and has suffered from depression as a result.

The defendant testified he did not know he was contagious, according to the Associated Press. The man’s attorney, Shawn Lillegren, argued that the plaintiff might have contracted the infection from someone else. And besides, she knew the risk, he said.

“Grow up. Come on. You’re an adult. He’s an adult. They had sex,” Lillegren said, according to the Oregonian. “The point is she is not some little innocent victim.”

The jury disagreed.

“We all felt he should have told her — he had the responsibility to tell her,” juror Noah Brimhall told the Oregonian.

Source: Huffington Post

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11 years ago

I may be wrong here, any fake Drs please comment, but a rubber aint gonna save you from herpes. HPV either. And fellas, if you are listening, you either have to tell a broad what you got before hand, or NEVER! It aint a fucking game show, they aint looking for a prize from the sex, besides an orgasm. And what is it w/ old broads holding out w/ the pussy? You aint 16 baby, yer fuckin 50. I’m no prize, but at 37, a 49 year old bag is gonna have to blow me, BEFORE I agree to go… Read more »

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