A few words on “4th Generation HIV testing” and The Company Offering it: A MUST READ

Sep 17, 2013
Health, Safety & Testing
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Today there were some conversations on Twitter about a new testing company called Pro-Health Community Care. Apparently they’ve not only been soliciting the adult talent agents but may be reaching out to talent directly, as well. According to their website, they offer FREE testing using the “4th GENERATION HIV 1 & 2 COMBO Ag/Ab test”

Adult production protocols currently employ PCR-RNA testing for HIV. PCR tests measure viral load.

Here’s a little background on 4th Generation HIV testing..

4th generation testing detects the HIV p24 antigen (not viral load), as well as anti-bodies which develop later (after seroconversion) and are not relevant to testing for acute (new) HIV infections.

4th generation tests detect over 95% of infections or more at four weeks after exposure.

PCR viral load tests detect 95% of infections or more at 10 days after exposure.

On average, viral load tests (PCR-RNA) detect infection about 7 days before a p24 antigen test and 12 days before an antibody test.

Repeatedly reactive results on 4th generation screening tests require confirmation with a supplemental test. PCR-RNA testing is thus needed to resolve infection status in patients with positive results on the 4th-generation assay but negative results on the antibody differentiation test.

So, in other words, PCR-RNA viral load testing is the gold standard for acute HIV infections.

On average, PCR-RNA / viral load tests detect infection about 7 days before a p24 antigen test, and 12 days before an antibody test.

That may explain why it’s FREE. If the test wasn’t a red flag, maybe the company offering it is.. Pro Health Patient Care aka Pro Health Test is connected to AquaNatal Waterbirth & Women’s Center .. See who is below:




All three are private registrations and all 3 are connected to Joyce L Thomas….

I will get into more specifics at a later date, but for now ill leave you with some reviews…



The reviews don’t get any better…

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Michael Whiteacre
Michael Whiteacre
10 years ago

“Long story short, we hear a story too good to be true – it ain’t.” ~ Lt. Aldo Raine, Inglourious Basterds

10 years ago


Michael Whiteacre
Michael Whiteacre
10 years ago
Reply to  Dakine

Oh, it gets a lot more interesting…

Anthony Kennerson
10 years ago

Please, please, oh for Goddess sake, please tell me there’s an AHF connection with this fraud.

I know AHF offers a “free” antibody test at their clinics, but if they are attempting to fund this nonsense, then they are even more desperate than usual. And, more dense, too.

Michael Whiteacre
Michael Whiteacre
10 years ago

A full report is forthcoming. This test is not the free oral swab test AHF offers at its clinics, but it still has big problems.

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