AHF’s Adam Cohen sings the blues at Cal/OSHA Occupational Safety & Health Standards Board meeting

Aug 3, 2014
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At the latest monthly meeting of the California Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board, convened on July 17th in Oakland, AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) followed their usual modus operandi, and spoke during the “public comment” time, at the beginning of the meeting.

Adam Cohen -- This Machine Kills Liberty

Adam Cohen — This Machine Kills Liberty (Photo: Vimeo)

UCLA’s Adam Cohen identified himself as a Public Health Consultant for AHF, speaking on AHF’s behalf. UCLA and AHF have long worked hand-in-hand to attack the adult community, but Cohen has now followed through the revolving door previously traveled by UCLA’s Mark Roy “Wolverine” McGrath.

“Were approaching five years since the AIDS Healthcare Foundation submitted the petition for revision to the bloodborne pathogen standard, section 5193, as it pertains to the adult film industry,” Cohen began.

Cohen’s first lie: “since we submitted our petition, there have been thousands of documented workplace infections in the adult film industry.”  The Los Angeles Department of Public Health and San Francisco Department of Public Health might just disagree.

So far in the course of the many meetings all over the state of California, and with all the lobbying in Sacramento, no one has yet to see “documentation” of these alleged adult industry “workplace” infections.

AHF's Adam Cohen has got the Bloodborne Pathogen Blues

Adam’s got the Bloodborne Pathogen Blues

“Every month we hold our breath for a vote from the standards board,” Cohen bleated, “and every month we’re disappointed because the Division’s silence opens the door for the adult film industry representatives to make literally a public mockery of workplace safety and health.

Diane Duke, the CEO of the Free Speech Coalition, the trade group for the adult film industry, has told countless [sic] California assemblymembers and senators that the adult industry’s own proposed revision to the bloodborne pathogen standard is welcomed by Cal/OSHA…. I’ve seen the industry’s proposed revision — it’s on your website — and condoms are not there. Is this what you want? — because your silence is right now speaking volumes.

Karen Tynan, an attorney who represents the adult film industry, has stated in official California assembly and senate hearings, that condoms are not required in the adult film industry because the word ‘condom’ does not appear in the current bloodborne pathogen standard. And she’s right, it’s not in there.

I’m sure that Diane Duke and Karen Tynan appreciate the shout outs in this smug little whiner’s statement, but Cohen’s comments are inaccurate and misleading. Yes, Diane Duke has been speaking to legislators.  She hasn’t been misleading legislators but instead has been spending most of her time dispelling the lies perpetuated by AHF all around Sacramento.

Finally, Cohen referenced an adult production company’s Cal/OSHA trial — an appeal regarding fines levied by the agency — which was also taking place in Oakland (but didn’t name the studio), and claimed that a director had testified about performer exposure procedures. Karen Tynan tells TRPWL, “Unfortunately, that’s also patently inaccurate. No directors have testified.  A videographer and a facilities manager have testified.”

Tynan continues, “Showing up at the Standards Board meetings and making public comments castigating Cal/OSHA and the Standards Board is really bad form.  AHF, i.e. Michael Weinstein, appears frustrated that Cal/OSHA is only doing 90% of what AHF wants, and isn’t working fast enough for AHF’s tastes.”

The draft regulations are not finalized yet; the Cal/OSHA Standards Board will likely announce proposed regulations and public meetings in the fall. Adult business stakeholders will then have the opportunity to comment and make suggestions.

Sing along with Adam:


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