Alana Evans is a Disgusting Human Being #APAG

Jun 14, 2021
Adult Business
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It never ceases to amaze me how Alana can interject herself into every single porn headline… Someone alleges rape, Alana has 47 stories to match the claim, Stormy bangs Trump for money, Alana smelt Trumps semen on the dress,  Someone used the Nword, Alana reminds everyone she banged a black guy, Pornstar crashes car, Alana’s distant cousin 8 times removed died in a crash and Alana is in mourning.  If OJ got arrested tomorrow for murder, Alana would find a way to say she was with Kato and saw OJ drop the bloody glove…Alana is the female version of James Bartholet, so many lies she has no idea what the truth is.

Which brings us to the untimely passing of Dakota Skye

Alana wasted NO time in spinning Dakotas death into her own personal tragedy, going as far as to say “She used to call me mom”

Did she call you mom when you made fun of her to your 578,000 twitter followers?

She probably at one point did consider you like a mother figure, which makes your online bullying of her even more traumatic.  But don’t act like y’all were BFFs when she died.

Was she calling you mom in these tweets?

What about this text message to me:

She called you Alana, not mom

Projecting much?

Funny stuff right there Mom.

At the end of the day Alana, we have all tried to help her:

Everyone knew how Dakotas life would end, it’s not a surprise, I just don’t make a spectacle out of myself over it..You on the other care more about how you can get some publicity out of it then her actually passing…Wanna save someone Alana?  Go save Holly Hendrix

I hate alot of things about porn, people like you and Bartholet, who use every porn tragedy to garner a few headlines, rank right below the rapists and women beaters… I guess for you that’s winning



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