The Misty Stone, Holly Hendrix Drama Takes A Sad Turn

Nov 6, 2018
Adult Business
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Exxxotica’s always provide  some fantastic drama.  OD’s, fights, and all kinds of TRPWL-worthy stuff can be found when you purchase a 3 day Exxxotica pass.

This past weekend, performer Holly Hendrix showed up to Jersey with no hotel reservations.

Luckily for her, James “I’ve been known to have anal with the ladies” Bartholet offered up his room. Ahh, he’s so sweet. Sniff sniff.

The only problem with that was Misty Stone.

Misty was also staying in the room with James “That’s not my cocaine” Bartholet and she wasn’t to keen on Miss Hendrix sharing a room with them

This lead to a knock down drag out argument that some say lead to James “Fuck me and I’ll cast you in a mainstream movie that won’t come out”  Bartholet throwing Misty out.

james bartholet

James wasn’t happy with just throwing Misty out. He decided to call the cops on Misty, who had moved a few doors down, for smoking pot in the room.

Yea, James went and turned into “”Fa**ot Ass Chauncey”   None of you will get that, it’s a Menace II Society reference, not me calling legendary NBA player Chauncey Billups a derogatory name.

The irony.

James and Misty at some point made up, but it looks like Misty not only wanted Holly in jail,  but dead as well.

I would think after recent events that the whole kill yourself thing would be non-existent.


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4 years ago

Fuck someone grab Holly before she offs herself. She loses someone close to her and while in morning she gotta stoop to hitting up this degenerate for a place to sleep. I almost want to recant the degenerate statement if it was under any other circumstance but you damn well he thought he’d be getting lil’ sum uh dat Hendrix ham if he let her stay. I’m sure Jimmy was setting up to play a little ebony and ebony and ivory twister. In his mind he was already picturing looking up in the mirrored ceiling and getting hungry seeing a… Read more »

4 years ago

Is whore tour similar to Tribe Called Quest Award Tour?

4 years ago

Lol. Not quite. Whore tour = escort tour - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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