James Bartholet Update: Anal With The Ladies

May 4, 2018
Adult Business
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Urban X Awards

With the Urban X Awards fast approaching, it’s only fitting that I mess with James Bartholet.

Rest assured this small post won’t talk about cocaine, roofies, or content trade. Bringing up cocaine, roofies, and content trade would take away from the seriousness that is anal with the ladies. So, if any of you are looking for a Bartholet post about cocaine, roofies or content trade, you wont find it here.

Someone on Twitter asked James about Anal:

Gee James, who else would you do anal with? Do you have any pets? Do you raise chickens?  Are you a sheep farmer?

Go ask Xander if he’s ever done anal, he won’t say, yea I’ve been known to do some anal with the ladies, it’s a given with Xander.

Now, I’m not judging James for who he does anal with, we now live in a time were girls can join the boys scouts, so as far as I’m concerned, James can stick his penis in any ass he likes as long as, its legal, and it’s not mine.

I just think adding the ladies part to the tweet is funny, but then, I am immature so maybe it’s just me.

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5 years ago

Ummmm. there is only one Maestro and it’s not James fucking Bartholet

5 years ago

Maestro Fresh Jimmy’s jam “Let that roofie slide” (Re-released here in Canada as “Let that rape accusation slide”) was dope as fuck back in the day.

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