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Apr 11, 2018
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Over the years, Erika has proven to be one of the bigger cyber bullies the industry has.  Erika is famous for getting fired then blogging about the client.. While she doesn’t name the client, we all know who she’s talking about.

After Alex Chance fired her in 2013, an “anonymous” letter was sent out so several blogs and AHF.. The letter was laden with accusations of STDs, johns and drugs. Basically,  the stuff AHF loved to the use at the time to push the condom laws.

Adult performer Alex Chance contacted AVN today to respond publicly to claims made in a letter that was supposedly sent to the AIDS Healthcare Foundation by someone using the name “Peter,” an (alleged) estranged married man who claims to have caught syphilis from Chance during an all-night escort “date” one year ago at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, Calif. “Peter” claims to have also given the disease to his wife after their reconciliation, says it has devastated his family, and praises AHF for its “fight to bring mandatory condoms to the Porn Industry.”

That’s from an original story I posted in May 2013.

Once we got to looking the letter over, there were several things grammar wise that lead us to believe Erika Icon, Alex’s former PR company was behind it.

Erika made several blog posts, before and after Alex called bullshit on the letter.

Here’s Erika saying Alex is lying and people know the “real truth.”  Is Erika a publicist? Or an award wining blogger like TRPWL?

Erika wrote several blogs about Alex while she was in the headlines. Basically, any news outlet trying to further their story can google Alex and be directed to The Rub, were they will put 2 and 2 together and say, ‘hey even her publicist says its true,” print….

Of course the reality is, Erika has no fucking clue whats true and whats not. But this is what Erika does..

Once I accused of her of writing the letter, she went to Gene Ross, her quotes are in bold, and my take underneath:

Yesterday I made post about my thoughts on the Fake AHF letter. I guess at some point, Gene Ross put it up on AdultFYI.com. Erika explained to Gene why should would never do what I accused her of. Let’s review

“I would never do anything to hurt my industry”

Of course not Erika, thats why you were so happy about that letter. A letter that had the potential to become TMZ material and get picked up on every news site out there..

“I would also never do anything to jeopardize a current or past client’s reputation”

Erika, I’ve seen many things you’ve said and posted over the last 12 months, slamming people who no longer require your services. Do I need to post them? Correct me I’m wrong, but wasn’t Alex Chance a former client? Were you not trashing her in your blog post? There is a reason why your past client list is 10 times longer then your currentclient list. And you had to remove some past clients off your list for reasons I wont go into here. But I can if you want.

“I have a personal blog–parts of that were supposed to be private and others public”

So what you’re saying is you slammed Alex Chance in private so only YOU could read it, but are too stupid to have done it correctly?

“but they were still viewable because they weren’t cached, so I deleted them”

No Erika, you deleted the WHOLE BLOG.

Here’s a blog title which by itself would be considered useful:

When Photoshopping Gets Out of Control

But we are dealing with a Erika Icon, the only thing that matters to her, is her.

A couple days prior to this blog, Erika was fired by someone who, purely by coincidence, had Photoshop issues. Then, purely by coincidence AGAIN, the blog about photoshop goes up, then, purely by coincidence AGAIN, the blog post about the girl who had photoshop issues was then tweeted to the girl who inspired the story by a troll account.

This is odd to say the least, since Erika was just writing a blog to help people and at no point mentioned the girls name.. Sure, someone could of guessed, but as someone who’s been to the last 6 AVNs, let me say most of the girls in the biz fuck with some sort of photo editing programs.. How do you know who it is then TRPWL?  People in Shreks camp talk to us…..

For the 1000th time, Erika gets fired, and takes to twitter to sub-tweet an ex-client, whose husband responds accordingly:

Here is the sweet APAC sponsor  tweeting after the death of fellow publicist and competitor Mike Kulich became public:

Yea, while we all had our opinions about Kulich,  Erika is so disgusting she couldn’t even wait until the body was cold before taking to twitter to say some how his death was “karma”, and some how evened “the score” with her. When one other person made a glad he’s gone tweet, guess who liked the tweet?  Yeah, the sweet “I hate bullies and love the world” Miss Erika herself.

If you go thru my timeline, you can see where I tweeted back at her saying “Uncalled For” If I remember correctly she deleted the tweet after that.

Fuck man, if you truly believe in karma Erika, you shouldn’t ever come out of your house. Cause when it finally catches up to you no one it will be a scene out of Final Destination. And when it happens, I won’t trash you on Twitter like you do others.

Shrek, I can do this all day, I have stories from at least 8 girls who were bullied after letting Erika go and I’m sure after his goes up I’ll hear from more. I’ll save those, since I know you can’t shut the fuck up about people, It will give me something to blog about.


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