And The Altered Test Belongs To…….. Scott Hancock

Oct 5, 2018
Adult Business
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I tossed this around before posting it. All part of the new and improved TRPWL. A TRPWL with feelings, a TRPWL that helps old ladies across the street and doesn’t make jokes about Jews or their secret bags of gold.

With that being said, when you fake/alter your test in an effort to shoot, you need to be called out. If it were up to me, anyone who gets caught would have their picture up everywhere like Al Bundy when he wrote a bad check.

al bundy

Scott Hancock allegedly tried to circumvent the rules twice, with a testing date of August 14th, he tried to shoot but the girl shut him down because his test was outside the 14 day range most require.

The second time was on September 24th, still using the August 14th test. I’m told he made a screen shot of his test, printed it, altered the date, then reprinted it in black and white. When he showed the test to the female talent she thought it was suspect due to no green or red color on the test. She then looked him up in PASS and told him she was going to report him to the FSC.

Scott then went and tested that same day, AFTER trying to pass off the altered test.

What do you expect from someone who was in business with Shy Love?



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3 years ago

LOL what a fucking clown. Is this the same asshat that worked at LAX Models? AKA Scott Andrew???

3 years ago

Lesson learned here should be:
1) Always check test and make sure it coincides with PAST. Problem solved .
2) And Scoot Hancock might not be trustworthy? But who really is these days. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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