The Smoking Gun: APAG’s HIV Positive Performer In PASS Proof Revealed

Dec 30, 2017
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Being a “toxic misogynist” doesn’t come without it’s share of hard work. Maybe if I was just toxic I could rest a little, but add being a misogynist and its 24/7 with no time off.. Earlier today, I was randomly attacking women and eating a baby seal omelet and once again noticed APAG pushing the false narrative of a HIV + performer in the talent pool..

APAG, the cast off section of the Phyllisha Ann’s scam IEAU, created this rumor several months ago. Going as far as to say, they could prove it. Well this toxic misogynist has been asking for proof since it was first tweeted it out..

Never actually seeing the proof, I was told that the Trans performer who had caused the April shutdown had been allowed back into the talent pool. That Eric and this performer had made a deal of some sort.  This info came from a producer and was relayed to members of APAG.

As this was happening, FSC’s Eric Paul Leue had come out in favor of SB239, a bill lowering the crime of knowingly exposing a sexual partner to HIV without first disclosing one’s status from a felony to a misdemeanor.

Members of APAG, Melissa Hill and Ruby started tweeting, dming both the FSC and Eric’s twitter account.. Eric, responded to several of the APAG tweets, at one point stating he had a unprotected sex with a HIV + person..  Which sent APAG into a frenzy.

Meanwhile, bored and out of baby seal meat, I decided to ask APAG about that proof. Well………….

Today, APAGs, Ruby sent me the proof that there is a top secret group of HIV + performers running around shooting porn, most likely, trying to take over like the HIV Walking Dead..

Holy fucking HIV Zombie….

You see that, according to APAG, Eric should of said:

What does the beginning part of that statement say,read between the lines. He should have said there’s no HIV performers not “reactive performers “

there’s no HIV performers not “reactive performers”


If that doesn’t prove there are people running around PASS with HIV then nothing will..  I myself was about to book a flight to stab Eric in the heart with a wooden stake, thats how you kill zombies by the way, but then said, hey  “toxic misogynist,” why dont you just text the head Zombie and ask him about the DM answer..

When asked why he used the word, “reactive” he replied:

“Well that is the medical terminology and that’s how I was trained… it’s just how science works”

I then asked him point blank about HIV + performers:

‘There are no HIV+ folks in PASS. That’s why we tell everyone to follow PASS protocol and use the system because the protocol that far precedes me doesn’t allow for HIV positive people to be available in the database.

This sharing of screenshots out of context is so odd. It only misleads and confuses folks… and then these people who claim to work to protect performers even wanted us to doxx the performer from the April production hold. I would never disclose a performer’s identity.”


APAG wanted to know the identity of a HIV + performer? Why? What would they possible do with that info? Can the be trusted with it? Of course they can, it’s not like members of APAG have turned on each other over the last few days, hijacked twitter accounts, resignations and other things I’m not at liberty to discus at this moment..

I asked 2 more people connected with the FSC board about the HIV + performer in pass rumor. Both said 100% false, but these 2 people also allegedly helped Bush blow up the Twin Towers and were involved in the faking of Tupac’s death, So who knows.

Eric’s refusal to give up the performer name along with his use of the word REACTIVE coupled with a disgruntled producer = HIV + performers are hanging out on playgrounds asking little kids if they want some yoo-hoo laced with HIV..

After starting this rumor, APAG, began taking credit for TTS offering an extra HIV test.. I mean, it’s not like TTS is a business, Thank God APAG forced TTS to make some extra cash by offering that secondary test…

The APAG double standard

Last month, crazy APAC Chairperson Tasha Reign accused Mr. Marcus of having HIV and knowingly covering it up.   Which if course was 100% false. APAG, as they should of, took offense to Tasha’s tweets and at one point use the word “reckless” to describe Tasha’s behavior. Hmmm, Would publicly stating that the people who run the testing for the adult industry are allowing HIV positive people to continue to shoot porn be considered reckless?

I guess on the outside looking in the answer would be yes, but after that bombshell proof that APAG provided me today, I would say they are just trying to “fix porn” and if along the way they can pick up some member dues then so be it…..



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  • HAHA

    A bunch of never was porn people thinking they know what’s best for porn

    Icepick December 30, 2017 8:10 pm 8:10 PM Reply
  • I’ve been sort of watching all this unfold on twitter and and extremely disappointed in the way they acted. To falsely state people have HIV under any circumstance should be a crime

    Nocondom December 31, 2017 8:53 am 8:53 AM Reply
  • Epic! Ruby who? She’s probably smoking the same stuff Melissa is.

    APAC December 31, 2017 5:27 pm 5:27 PM Reply
    • You’re awesome… And no… Ruby lives in Ohio, I’m in CA…. so definitely NOT the same meth… ???

      Melissa Hill February 7, 2018 3:58 pm 3:58 PM Reply
  • I was missing your union posts so I needed this one 🙂

    Fakeunionmember January 1, 2018 8:12 am 8:12 AM Reply
  • That’d be Ruby,the original Ruby,the Ruby that is in the AVN Hall of Fame,The Legends of Erotica,and last but not least XRCO Hall of Fame,you know damn well who I am because I paved the way for your ungrateful asses.

    Ruby January 1, 2018 5:51 pm 5:51 PM Reply
  • Also the one present for the first HIV cases in the industry. The one who was lectured by the CDC in the VCA warehouses. The one who knows her shit.You have a hole in your testing system. This hole can be patched with a simple 16 dollar antigen test.

    Ruby January 1, 2018 6:01 pm 6:01 PM Reply
  • So whether or not there are undetectables working or not.The hole is there.

    Ruby January 1, 2018 6:03 pm 6:03 PM Reply
  • So if he’s not helping undetectable HIV positive performers back into the industry he should have no problem adding the test to the PASS system.

    Ruby January 1, 2018 6:05 pm 6:05 PM Reply
  • Never heard of you. Lol. A nobody in todays world

    Ruby Who January 2, 2018 9:36 am 9:36 AM Reply
  • Lulz. She has to explain who she is. When you have to tell people it’s because you’re a nobody

    Ruby fail January 2, 2018 11:54 am 11:54 AM Reply
  • Lol, guess that’s what happens when you screw all your friends over,you go make comments under veiled identities like we wouldn’t know who you are. I could give a fuck. Grow up.Learn how to self validate.

    Ruby January 2, 2018 8:34 pm 8:34 PM Reply
    • Um…. well Ruby…. considering the fact that THIS is an accusation you’ve made numerous times, about me, on twitter and beyond…. I’m going to go ahead and assume your last two comments were directed at me. Sorry to disappoint you sweetness, but I’m just now reading this thread for the very first time, and therefore, non of the replies you are lashing out to, are from me… And, given the fact that Sean’s site records the IP addresses of those who comment… I’m sure he will have no problem verifying that I didn’t make those comments… IF he must. But, I must say…. reading your unproven claims that I have done ANY of the crap you’ve accused me of, has actually become a source of entertainment for me, and for anyone else who had given your claims, more than 2 seconds of thought provoking brain power…
      #LoveAndLight #OttersRock #MikeQuasarIsMyHero

      LOL ? ?

      Melissa Hill February 7, 2018 4:08 pm 4:08 PM Reply
    • Oh… and I took your advice about “self validating” by giving my comments on here, the good ol “thumbs up” myself.


      Melissa Hill February 7, 2018 4:12 pm 4:12 PM Reply
      • Shut up Melissa, you worthless junkie bitch. Go get a job.

        Wankus February 7, 2018 4:37 pm 4:37 PM Reply
        • Junkie huh? Nope sorry. You are now slandering me…

          Melissa Hill February 8, 2018 1:25 am 1:25 AM Reply
  • And seriously, lay off the meth.

    Ruby January 2, 2018 8:36 pm 8:36 PM Reply
  • Reminds me of Stuttering John going up to celebs and asking, “Who are you and why are you famous?”

    crunkleschwitz January 3, 2018 11:48 pm 11:48 PM Reply
  • Melissa one of the reasons we kicked you out of the Union was your drug addiction. You’re so unstable we as group decided we couldn’t run the risk of you doing exactly what you’re doing now.

    Move on, go to rehab

    APAG Board February 8, 2018 11:27 am 11:27 AM Reply

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