Bankruptcy, PPP Loans and Kevin Casali #Upsell #OF

Feb 15, 2023
Adult Business
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Porn scumbags are a 3 tiered group. Women beaters and rapists occupy Tier 1. Tier 2 is scammers/thieves of porn, Alana Evans, Sinnamon Love, Amberly Rothfield types. Tier 3 is the group that just hangs around to fuck porn chicks like Xbiz reporters, Jonathan Morgan and James Bartholet types.

This list isn’t tier exclusive, take Kevin Casali, he’s definitely Tier 1, but he makes a living as a Tier 2 guy. Beating and scamming to his to feed his drug addiction.

I could get into the story about making Kevin my bitch at AVN, but I don’t want to remind Jaime that he said “If you go to jail I’m not bailing you out.”

I’m not here to talk about Jaime’s bad friendship, I’m here to use my big boy words and entertain even the ones who’ve blocked me.

First, let me get the semicolon out of the way. I don’t think Jay Z is top 5; life’s too short to think Billboard should have a say.

Parking garage supervisor Kevin Casali’s legal issues are no secret here at TRPWL. In the last few years alone, he’s been involved in not one but at least 3 lawsuits. Johnny Castle, OC Modeling, and his HOA, lol.

I guess, things aren’t going his way with the lawsuits, he filed for bankruptcy protection.

My first question is, do you really want a guy who filed for bankruptcy running your only fans?

My next question is, what did Kevin do with this 41k in PPP loans, you know, the loans you don’t have to pay back:::;”?

The one industry that exploded during Covid was OnlyFans, seems sort of odd that a guy who runs OnlyFans would need a PPP loan, much less 2 of them.

Like, no one stopped doing OnlyFans when porn shut down for Covid. In fact, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say Kevin probably pocketed 3/4 of that money, and spent the other 1/4 of it on dope.

Side note, one time Kevin called me, it was December, he was calling me names and saying he was gonna kill me at AVN. He said there was NO WHERE I could hide from his cuz he had connections at every parking garage in Vegas.

Imagine the look on his methed out face when I sat at his table in Lucky’s 24/7.

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Vinny Salvo
Vinny Salvo
1 year ago

It appears one of Kevin Casali’s bankruptcy moves is to sell one of his businesses to his pornstar girlfriend Jezabel Vessir, and his own mother for $50,000. He thinks this move will satisfy his creditors, and the BK judge. His nearly 80 year old mother mother has no assets to speak of, apart from a small income generated from Social Security, so Kevin needs Jezabel to be “the straw man” with regards to the finances. It seems to me that Kevin wants his mother to have controlling interest in the sale is because he doesn’t quite trust Jezabel. People close… Read more » - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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