Blind Item: Which Pornstar Escort Beat Up A Hobbyist

Feb 12, 2019
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Normally, I dont get into escort stories, but this one is great.. Add the fact that I hate her, and her publicist, and it’s even better.

So the award winning chick is known to have multiple personalities, and up until this booking it apparently hadn’t been an issue.

The client shows up, they start doing mommy and daddy stuff, he gets her on the bed on her hands and knees for what he thinks is gonna be some great doggy..

It was at this point, he knew he fucked up..

If you have multiple personalities, there are several you don’t want coming out when you’re on all fours about to be fucked, one would be a dog, if she started barking and told him to call her FIDO, he might loose his boner, the second, would be straight white Italian male..

Anyone wanna guess what happened next?

Straight white Italian male took over and a few punches were thrown, the client caught a beat down and the performer bailed.

I wonder if she turned around using a Tony Soprano accent when she was beating the guy,  “yous keppa yous penis away froma my asshole”

Other notable things about this chick.. Once when she was coming back from a much needed vacation in Dubai with 2 other performers who also needed a break, the well rested and now cash plush crew were stopped by customs, while her BFFs were being questioned, she tried to hide some cash in her pussy and butthole, no word on weather the Italian male personality showed up during the cash fisting.

She was also rumored to be one of the people that gave statements against her old escort agency Aphrodite Companions.

Bada Bing…………………….


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Hi there
5 years ago

Adriana Chechik

5 years ago

She a tiny broad, was the client some soy boy?

Did he try to go to Greece w/o forking over the upsell?

What is the upsell for a teen runaway personality?

Why was she bringing back cash? I thought they just get jewelry then swap it at a particular LA Shop? That was the old rumors about the celeb yacht girls and Saudi Toilets.

Party Boy
Party Boy
5 years ago

The correct answer is Sarah Vandella

Mark Shcekter
within the last four days Sarah Valdella shot two scenes behind your back.
She told me the producer ” dont tell mark”


Hi There
Hi There
5 years ago
Reply to  Party Boy

On second thought, what about Misty Stone? She went into the AVN hall of fame this year, so that fits the “award winning” clue.

Also, her publicist is JAMES BARTHOLET, who I hear is not well liked in the industry.

All the clues fit.

Dicky Reed
Dicky Reed
5 years ago

Adria Rae, she is a cunt - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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