BTS Raw Footage Doesn’t Support Leigh Raven’s Claim About Being Sexually Assaulted On Set

Apr 11, 2018
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I’m sure I’m going to get flamed for this, and to be honest, I dont give 2 fucks. I’m sick and fucking tired of people dropping the rape/abuse allegation whenever the wind blows in a direction they don’t like.

On March 9th, a video made by Leigh Raven,  and run here on TRPWL , alleged she was sexually assaulted by Rico Strong on a Just Dave set. The video soon went viral and was picked up by a decent number of porn outlets, as well as crossover news site. So many in fact, that it was soon trending on Twitter.

As with most sexual assault claims, everyone, including myself, jumped to conclusions and took Leigh at her word.

I was given the unedited 3 hour video and have since watched it twice.

After watching the unedited footage, it doesn’t appear Leigh was sexually assaulted. In fact, the footage shows the opposite, with both Rico and Leigh having a normal, or what’s considered a normal work day in porn.

Before I go on, you dont have to take my word for any of this, the footage, in its entirety, will soon be available for everyone to watch.

I decided to take both exit interviews and upload them to YouTube since they’re clean.

I also grabbed some stills, both the vids and pics were done with my iPhone so they are not great quality, but they tell the story. The story of a crazy chick who was most likely pressured by her wife to make up these outlandish claims.

In the full unedited version of the tape, the mood on set changes slightly when Leigh’s wife, Nikki Hearts shows up. You can hear Dave ask Leigh if her wife will get jealous and Leigh responds yes.

Wouldn’t be the first time a jealous lover put someone up to making claims that weren’t true. Worst thing is, they took this to a whole other level by trying to get Rico arrested.

From Jezebel:

In Raven’s case, the shoot in question took place earlier in the week of March 6. Raven says she has filed a police report and undergone a medical evaluation as part of the investigation.



Luckily for Rico,  this whole incident from start to finish was recorded. Once the Detectives involved saw the footage that was that with that.

I started taking pics around the 1:20 mark, and the last one is around the 2:21 mark, with the pop at around 2:30. The raw footage was roughly 2:40 mins.

As you can clearly see, throughout the shoot she seemed pretty happy for someone who was being abused, both physically and sexually.

I will create separate post with a link to the full version of the shoot once it becomes public.



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James Russler
James Russler
6 years ago

Now that she’s killed her porn career by being a stupid lying cunt, Leigh Raven can pursue more lucrative opportunities…….like being a biker whore.

6 years ago

The other chick who claimed abuse by rico and facial abuse just went and shot scenes with james deen. So much for supporting women. You would think that supporting women would include not supporting a known sexual abuser / rapist. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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