Butt Bongs, Vodka Tampons And Gummi Bears

Nov 15, 2011
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It would appear that nobody wants to use their mouth to get drunk the old school way anymore….

Source: Huffington Post

Much to their parents’ dismay, teens have long been known to secretly consume alcohol, and the latest method sees them doing so with tampons and bongs.

“[It’s a] quicker high, they think it’s going to last longer, it’s more intense, Dr. Dan Quan from Maricopa Medical Center in Phoenix told KPHO News.

Vodka tampons are exactly what they sound like. Teens soak a tampon in alcohol and consume it by either taking as shots or inserting it in their rectums or vaginas, KPHO reported. This way, alcohol is absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the membrane walls. In fact, Dr. Lisa Masterson, co-host of “The Doctors,” claims this method will literally destroy the vagina.

The method of soaking tampons in alcohol has been around for years and some believe that it may be nothing more than an urban myth.

Conversely, KPHO News is reporting that there have been some cases of alcohol poisoning after utilizing these methods. In addition to using tampons, the broadcast also stated that teens are taking part in butt chugging where alcohol is consumed rectally with a beer bong or beer funnel. Butt chugging seems to be done to avoid having alcohol breath.

Last month, reports published described a new method for consuming alcohol – namely soaking gummy bears and worms in vodka and eating them.

In 2010, vodka eyeballing was a growing trend among British university students, the Daily Mail reported. Some even posted videos on YouTube demonstrating the process. Vodka snorting was another alternative consumption method bar owners were seeing among university students in the U.K., according to BBC News.

“People were ‘in tears’ after trying [vodka snorting] while others reacted so quickly they were seen falling to the floor as a result of snorting the alcohol,” bar owners told BBC News.

Vodka Tampons And Anal Beer Bongs

vodka eyeballing

butt chugging

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12 years ago

What in the hell are these kids thinking? Pouring vodka in the eye, butt and cunt is assinine. Yeah, it may hit the bloodstream quicker but it has to hurt like hell and makes it easier to “drink” too much and die!

12 years ago

I think that is the point. We don’t need people this stupid among us, so Darwin is trying to help.

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