Cameron Bay Called Michael Whiteacre Last Night

Jul 18, 2014
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“I’ve made mistakes in my life but I’m not some evil person”

Cameron Bay called Michael Whiteacre to clear the record. While the conversation did straighten out a few matters, in the end it may have raised more questions than answers.

Cameron Bay Called Michael Whiteacre Last Night

Cameron Adams a.k.a. Cameron Bay

I had a 45-minute conversation with HIV-positive ex-adult performer Cameron Adams a.k.a. Cameron Bay last night. It was an extremely cordial one, and she invited me to reach out to her in the future, which I plan to do. Cameron says she understands that as a public figure who testifies on matters of widespread interest, the veracity of her statements and her possible motivations are fair game. I want to restate here and now that we wish the best for her in terms of health and happiness, and are glad she is availing herself of quality medical care.

What Cameron did not tell me was that she was doing a mini-adult media blitz. While she made the same allegations about ATMLA’s Mark Schechter that are repeated on a lesser site today, using virtually identical wording, she and I spoke at length about a great number of issues.

At the outset of our conversation, Cameron said that she wanted to explain why her earliest statements related to her infection stand in stark contrast to statements made later — i.e., after she hooked up with AIDS Healthcare Foundation to join its campaign against the adult business. Cameron explained that she “didn’t want to be that graphic” at first. This statement is odd because her earliest interview was with Adult Video News (AVN) — an adult business trade magazine. Why would it be less okay to be “graphic” with AVN than with the Los Angeles Times?

Cameron’s move to reconcile her differing statements is strangely reminiscent of 2010 ‘Patient Zeta’ turned AHF spokesman Derrick Burts’ attempts to do the same. In a 2011 interview, Burts sought to pass off his latest version as mere elaboration: “I gave this version to the media, but I’m sure you can see why they omitted it—it was probably a little too graphic.”

Cameron, who has been shooting scenes since 2008, also justified statements made to the California legislature that she had only been in the business for three months at the time of her HIV infection by stating that she only considered herself a professional adult performer for three months. Prior to that she hadn’t had an agent and was only shooting scenes for her husband — or when she was in need of cash. Whether this distinction is relevant or not may be debated, but there’s an old saying, “amateurs don’t get paid.” Furthermore, many professional adult performers don’t have an agent.

This was the first of several times Cameron re-framed her experiences during our conversation. The issue I focused on was the origin of her HIV infection, and her story is very problematic. Cameron herself recognizes this, but, be that as it may, here is what she presented to me:

The timeline according to Cameron

Cameron states that at the time she shot for in San Francisco, she and Rod “were broken up.” The last time they’d had sex, she claims, was in July when he came to Los Angeles to shoot. Rod tested through CET on July 10th, so according to Cameron they had sex for the last time (prior to her HIV infection) in mid-July.

Rod Daily's PASS record

Rod Daily’s PASS record,

Cameron tested negative on July 27, and flew to San Francisco on July 31 for a single shoot, with Xander Corvus and Lorelei Lee. This was Bay’s last shoot prior to testing HIV-positive.

Both Corvus and Lee are HIV negative, however.

I asked Cameron about her fixation on Xander’s bloody penis at the Kink shoot, in light of the fact that he’s HIV negative. Her response was, “How do you know?” She sought to denigrate PASS testing by saying that any PASS “administrator” could change a performer’s status from “Not Available” to “Available” with a mouse click.

This is pure propagandistic deflection by Cameron. Aside from the fact that every HIV test result at a clinic / laboratory is automatically reported to the county health department, regardless of PASS protocols, Corvus has shot hundreds of condom-less shoots since July 31, 2013. If Corvus is HIV-positive, either he would have infected dozens of people by now (who would have infected dozens if not hundreds more), OR, mandating condoms in porn as proposed by AHF is not necessary because HIV is not transmittable on porn sets.

As for Cameron’s claim that she was taken advantage of on the Kink set because the shoot with Xander continued after she accidentally scraped his penis with her teeth, she gave a similarly-crafted answer. She agreed to continue shooting when asked, she says, but she claims she did not know that to do so was allegedly in violation of Cal/OSHA regulations, so therefore it was not a fully informed consent.

This is a very legalistic answer, and perhaps explains how Cameron could rationalize her statements to the California legislature, but it’s still a dodge that does not reflect the tone and tenor her public testimony.

Cameron told me that she has focused her blame on the brief time spent at not because they are a top AHF target, but instead because, other than her on-camera performances, she had only had sex with one person during the time period in question, and he has since tested negative. Presumably, it’s okay to rely upon the result of his test…

In any case, Rod was already in San Francisco when she arrived on July 31, 2013. Cameron confirms that when she arrived, Rod had been in San Francisco for a “nearly a week” (according to, Daily arrived on July 27th). Like the other times when “he wasn’t around” her, Cameron notes that she cannot speak to his activities.

Daily shot two scenes for Kink on his San Francisco trip: one for Bound in Public opposite Hayden Richards and Brian Bonds on July 28th (condoms mandatory per Kink policy), and another for TS Seduction with a trans performer (both models opted for condoms) on August 1st. Cameron says she recalls him working with a blonde TS performer. This would be Aubrey Kate

According to Kink, every performer who shot with Rod has since tested HIV-negative — including Aubrey.

The day after Rod’s shoot, Cameron and Rod flew to Burbank, California. Rod had a connecting flight to Phoenix, but Cameron stayed in the Los Angeles area.

Cameron has perviously stated, “My last shoot was with Kink and the last time I saw Rod was a week later”, meaning they met up in Arizona before her she tested positive for HIV.

Rod Daily and Cameron Bay, at an AHF press conference

Rod Daily and Cameron Bay, at an AHF press conference

On August 18, Cameron tweeted that she had stomach issues, and the following day she flew to LA and tested at Cutting Edge Testing. On Aug 20 she retested at CET due to a contaminated sample, and then on Aug 21 she tested again at Talent Testing Service to confirm her diagnosis.

After her HIV diagnosis, Cameron returned to Arizona and got back together with Rod. They moved in together.

When I asked Cameron why shy thought Rod did not test immediately after her HIV-positive diagnosis, she said it was “we weren’t a couple” — meaning that, since they had allegedly not had sex since mid-July, he didn’t think he was at risk.

With all due respect to Cameron, who was very open to answering hard questions, I find it hard to believe that Rod would not at least take the precaution of an HIV test at that point. Compare his alleged reaction to that of Brad Tyler, who shot with Bay in July:

Brad Tyler 2013-08-23 copy

And now we come to Sofia Delgado

Sofia Delgado, who tested positive on September 6, was HIV patient number 3 in 2013.  Like Cameron and Rod, Delgado hails from the Phoenix area.

Cameron claims she met Delgado for the first time at the ATMLA office in Los Angeles, and later hung out with her at the ATMLA model house.

Sushi 1

Sofia Delgado, out to dinner with Cameron on July 20, 2013

She says that she never had any sexual contact with Delgado, and never knew her in Arizona. Delgado was (and still is) under 21, so Cameron says it would have been unlikely for her — or Rod — to have met Sofia at a bar or club in the Phoenix area.


Delgado had been a stripper in the Phoenix area since she was 18, dancing at the gentleman’s clubs Dream Palace and Elite Cabaret in Tempe, Arizona, so there were many other opportunities for them to meet. Cameron countered that Rod never liked strip clubs, so she finds it hard to believe that he would have met her there.

But again, as Cameron stated, she “wasn’t always around him.”

If that phrase sounds familiar, perhaps that’s because it is — to the word — the same thing Derrick Burts’ girlfriend, performer Kaycee Brooks, told an interviewer in 2012.

Incidentally, this was the same answer Cameron gave when I asked whether Rod was escorting during the time they were together. “He never said anything to me about it,” she says, “Unless he was living a double life…”

On the morning of September 3rd, Rod Daily announced on Twitter that he was HIV+, and implied he had known this for days. A few hours later, ATMLA tweeted that Delgado’s L.A. trip had been pushed a week — to September 15th.

Michael Weinstein, Cameron Bay

The origin of Cameron’s recent windfall

Cameron claims she was not paid by AHF for her testimony. I asked where she suddenly got the money this year to buy a car, get a new pad, pay $10,000 toward her court fines, pay for new boobs and be robbed of $10,000?

Cameron replied that she won $16,000 at a casino.

I see a tweet about a casino on March 8, and that could account for the $9,027 payment to the court on April 8, but Cameron got her boobs re-done in back in January and started furniture shopping for her new place in February. The numbers don’t add up.

Cameron claims, however that AHF has only “provided transportation” for her. She also denied that AHF had hooked her up with someone who would provide for her in one way or another.


I find it interesting that none of this was covered on Mike South’s lesser site in the Cameron Bay interview he published today. Instead, South devoted his focus to clearing the name of one of his long-time sources, Shy Love, while burying the man whose agency Shy is now competing with directly.

The bulk of her TRPWL interview was devoted to issues related to the origin of the HIV cases that caused the 2013 production moratoria, performer health and safety, and AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

I guess it’s just a matter of priorities.

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Anthony Kennerson
9 years ago

I have my own take on Cameron Bay’s response now up at Red Garter Club: Sorry, Cam, but I’m just not buying the “How do you know Xander Corvus wasn’t HIV+ because PASS could simply cloak a false negative test” excuse….especially when, as Michael noted, Corvus has tested negative ever since for nearly a year now. Can’t fake that many tests for that long without something happening. Sounds to me like she’s letting AHF money do her talking for her. Or….she’s lying and she really got it from Rod Daily after the Kink shoot. Just my personal presumption, of… Read more »

9 years ago

I don’t get why drugs are never named as possible third vector of infection as it was firmly established from Bay’s and Daily’s twitters that they were/are(?) big believers in PnP.

Why hasn’t any blogger questioned her about it?

And everyone seemed to quick to point out that Daily escorted on the side, but has it been established that Bay didn’t herself?

Are there questions you’re not supposed to raise when interviewing HIV+ female ex-porn stars?

Deep Throat
Deep Throat
9 years ago
Reply to  Pascal

You raise a good point, and please note that, as mentioned above, I spoke to Cameron about a great many things that are not yet ready for publication.

Yes, Bay escorted, but, despite the existence of escort ads from 2013, she denies she was escorting during the time in question. In the past, she has also denied using IV drugs.

Furthermore, the authenticity of some of the PnP posts has come into question. That said, the drug issue is one of several that are still very much alive.


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