Did AHF Pay Cameron Bay aka Cameron Adams To Lie?

May 28, 2014
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Outside of money, the best weapon Isadore Hall and AHF have had up to this point has been ex-porn performer Cameron Bay aka Cameron Adams. AHF has marched Bay out to testify several times, each time she played a newbie performer who was taken advantage of by the greedy adult film industry. Poor Cameron sheds some tears and talks about how no one cares for her safety, how condoms would have kept her from contracting HIV…

Basically, a bunch of fucking lies. Bay most likely got HIV from her boyfriend Rod Daily. Between the 2 of them they shared a bed with 2 others, off set, who also have contracted HIV. The infections most likely didn’t even occur in California. Keep in mind, neither is new to the adult industry, both are open escorts, even actively promoting party and play group sessions. Not to mention the fact that the ONLY people who contracted HIV in regards to the Bay case is the group that was having sex off screen.

It boggles my fucking mind how anyone would believe anything that comes from Bay. The felon who wanted to have her friends gang rape another porn-star, Bay, who is lobbying on behalf of AHF and Isadore Hall, says she’s doing it for other performers so they can be safe. Gee, what a swell chick.

Bay’s legal cases are nothing new to TRPWL. She’s been in and out of lockup for years, with probation violations and huge fines.

The graphic below shows one of Bay’s cases that she’s been paying on since 2010:


She was making small payments through 2012. In 2013, nothing. Then between March 4th and April 9th of this year, she made a little over $10,000 worth of payments.

On April 2nd, Cameron spoke in favor of #AB1576, The next day a payment for $500 was made on her behalf. That’s weird…

BaySpeaks on2

This is the same person who before she was an AHF spokesperson NEVER paid shit on time, spending time in jail because she had no money to pay fines even though she was an active performer and escort who was still riding VH1 as a prop to get gigs. After contracting HIV she shouldn’t be doing any of that, but now has more money…Odd

Maybe she got a really good job..

So good she was able to get new boobs:


So good she took some cool trips:

BaycasinoBayHousotnSo good she was able to save up 10 grand and then have someone steal it:

Bay10So good she was able to loose 10 grand but still get a new toy:


So good she was able to get a really cool new place:

BayaptpicBayfrun2So good she even went and did some furniture shopping:

Bay Furnature

I have no idea were the cash came for all this stuff. Maybe she sold some shares of Netflix…


If anyone sees Isadore Hall, ask him how his trip to the Kentucky Derby was…

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