Meet Cameron Adams, VH1 Reject, Wanna Be Pornstar And Stalker (Updated 2-13)

Meet Cameron Adams,  VH1 Reject, Wanna Be Pornstar And Stalker (Updated 2-13)

In the Internet world, the term ‘stalker’ is passed around almost as much as Rodger Coghil at a super-max prison. Some people deserve it and some don’t. I’m guilty of labeling people as stalkers based solely on the fact they know my every move and screen-cap my every tweet. But in the last 48 hours, my idea of a stalker has changed. So much, in fact, that I’ve reached out to Webster’s dictionary. I’ve asked them to pull the definition of stalker and replace it with two words: Cameron Adams.

For those who don’t know who Cameron is, she’s a convicted felon, who at the time of this writing, is on the run from the law. Her cases date back into her pre-adult days and she has actually done extended time on probation violations None of this bothers me though. I find it kind of hot. Her pics are hot. If I didn’t know she was a psycho nut-job with IBS, an escort who doesn’t believe in condoms, and the on-again off-again sex partner of untested Bi amateurs, I would consider letting her perform obscene acts to my dick. Sadly, I now know so much about her I’ve considered calling crime stoppers with Dr Drew on three-way.

It seems all this started when adult performer Taryn Thomas started dating a guy she had known for over 10 years. This guy used to date Cameron. So, not only did Cameron’s guy move on, but he moved with a bona fide porn star – something Cameron wants but can’t have.

At one time, Cameron was on the VH1 reality show Tool Academy. That didn’t last long, and it’s something she can’t let go of. Roughly three years later, she’s still using VH1’s name in one of her twitters.!/vh1scameron

So, after getting thrown off the show she attempted a career at porn, but that’s been pretty much been relegated to blow bangs and glory holes. She’s managed to stay afloat with escorting and has told people she’s headed to LA to “work for Shy Love” and jump start her porn career.

But let’s go backwards for a moment. In a brilliant stalker move, she decided to seek out, fuck, and then move in with Taryn’s ex. Why? Well because she loved him! LMAO Yeah, right. More like a way to get under Taryn’s skin. And when that didn’t work, well that’s when the fun started.

Here’s a nice threat of violence with a cool gang rape throw in:

Here’s more cool threats and proof that im not the worst speller ever

Now, the above texts are bad. They’re not the worst and there are many more. I debated posting them but in the end decided it was best not to.  She’s the social network queen of stalking, utilizing every network – with the exception of E-harmony, which rejected her.

Imagine this chick shows up in LA, falls in love with Wolf Hudson, gets rejected then sees him with another pornstar. Is this the kinda of shit you want on your set?

Yea, she broke into a house and took a shyt on Taryn’s picture. I guess we should be happy that at least she wiped her ass.
Here’s a copy of her resume:

Hi, Im Cameron Adams, please hire me for your porn. My qualifications are, I have a nice body, decent face, and great tits. I can deep throat, I like anal, Was once on VH1, and have no problem shooting with untested talent..

My downsides are few, I have a warrant so I could be arrested on set, I have a small anger issue that sometimes makes me commit felonies, I have a restraining order that limits some of my movements, I have irritable bowel syndrome which causes me to take shits in weird places usually after I’ve committed breaking and entering but it could happen during anal, also I like to shoot videos of myself pouring gas all over peoples houses and threatening to set them on fire, I have jealousy issues so I cant shoot with any male talent, and im a horrible speller…

I don’t know man. This might not be the chick you want to do a casting couch session with. It could get really ugly.
2/13/2013– > Thanks to the fine people over at SICCNESS.NET I was provided with a

cameron adams

I still think freckly boobs are hot..