Comments From Today’s NPR Condom Initiative Call In #RemoveWeinstein

Sep 15, 2015
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This morning , KPPC (one of the two big NPR affiliates in LA) had a  call-in show about the new condom initiative. Guests included AHF flunkie Adam Cohen and Mike Stabile. Below is what Stabile sent me as well as a few comments from the NPR site.
While the host Larry Mantle was balanced, Adam Cohen of AHF used his standard slippery logic. But Mantle wasn’t having it — when he grilled Cohen about his STI numbers, Cohen admitted it didn’t matter to him if transmissions were on-set or off-set. APAC treasurer Ela Darling called in, to talk about the way performers can be sued and harassed under his legislation — the “Sue-a-performer” provision, which Adam was forced to admit was, in fact, part of the enforcement strategy.
I think that most of the comments on the article have been anti-AHF is pretty telling.
Comments From The NPR Website

Don D “I can’t make sense of it, it is such a low ROI effort. What I mean by that is that I believe both the rate as well as especially the numbers of AIDS and HIV in porn are lower than in the general population, mainly because of a more rigorous testing schedule. So the benefits in terms of lower number of infections are negligible.

Getting a statewide proposition on the ballot is not cheap. I would guesstimate that they are spending multiples of what they spent on the countywide effort, definitely in the seven figures.
If the stated intent is to fight AIDS, the money they are using here would provide better outcomes if spent on outreach, education, making treatment more available, and furthering research into improved drugs.”

Tony Lima “More job-killing legislation. Good for Nevada’s economy”.

This IS plain and simple…Moralistic legislation.”

“In ten years every porn movie will be a sci-fi epic where the performers will wear space suits to be Cal OSHA compliant.”

Tom In LA “Are rates of STDs for professionals in porn higher than rates for us amateurs? I bet professionals are less likely to get an STD per sexual encounter. Maybe we should require condom use for everybody else. This is just more regulation and criminalization of sex work. Someone has sex for money and suddenly the government is breaking down the door.”

AIDS and STI’s/STD’s are far more prevalent outside of the adult industry than inside it. If a performer tests and an STI is discovered, that performer cannot shoot and furthermore, every performer and that performers scene partners are also tested and treated, before filming can happen again.

There is not a single civilian (non adult industry persons) who is sexually active that I know that tests for STI’s more frequently than once every 6 months, at best. I know MANY who have never been tested.

The industry testing practice in place works. The “problem” is only introduced when performers engage in sexual activity with those OUTSIDE the industry or are otherwise not tested. However, because of our testing protocol, performers (immediate, secondary, extending beyond proximity to the infection) are made aware of a potential or actual infection, and TREATED far sooner than those who don’t test every 12-14 days.

Adam Cohen does not speak with any authority about the female anatomy. Doctors have and continue to, go on record stating the use of condoms beyond “regular bedroom activity” (the national average penetration time is roughly 3-5 minutes, btw) is harmful to the thin membrane that lines the vagina. When shooting a porn scene, the actual penetration portion takes 1.5-2 hours of continuous friction. Anyone can put a latex glove on their hand and set the timer for an hour and a half, apply a little water-based (or silicone, dealers choice) and slide their hand in and out of their armpit to realize that friction on that scale can cause a problem to that considerably more sensitive, thin skin of a woman.

This, like many other bills, is stuffed with pork. Take the time to step out of your personal opinions regarding the porn industry and your false assumptions about performers and educate yourself before you cast your nod.”

Lou “Why does this have to be statewide? Is there a a thriving Fresno porn scene?  These people behind this proposition are anti-porn moral majority zealots. Don’t be fooled California like LA was fooled.”

Morally Ideologically driven legislators debate new condom use laws on a handful of porn actors, making US all feel much safer in case splatter spews, accidentally out of our computer monitors!, Mean while, thousands of food workers still don’t wash their hands after they take a dump….”

Ben “Oh, God! What a ridiculous load of crap. So all citizens are effectively secret police against the porn industry?”

binK “4000 vets slept outside in the rain last night. And we waste time on this. I support rapid beating of mr. Cohen with umbrellas.”



It would great if some of you went over and posted your thoughts and interacted with the people who will wind up voting on this

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7 years ago

What will be interesting (if this stupid idea were to become reality), is how few solid, law-abiding citizens will actually bother to lodge legal action against non-condom adult video. My prognostication would be ZERO, unless AHF starts paying people to do so. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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