Did James Deen Sell Out The Adult Industry?

Jan 13, 2016
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It wasn’t to long ago that James Deen was the guy at APAC. The porn poster boy, the cross over voice, the guy who was supposed to lead the adult industry in the field of battle against AHF.

Keep in mind I never thought these things, to me, James was nothing more then an abusive asshole who if it wasn’t for porn might be able to land a roll as an Umpa Lumpa in an off Broadway play. Since day 1, Deen has done nothing but backdoor the FSC and the powers that be in the fight against condoms. James wanted to be THE GUY,  but his ego refused to allow FSC to have complete control over the condom fight. James organized things behind FSC back, kept certain people away from events and did several things in direct conflict with the end game. All of this could and has been overlooked by most. Some tie into the “I hate FSC” argument while others think Deen could actually help performers.  When I asked one girl what Deen had done to help performers she replied, “he made a sex tape with a tv star”

James Deen cares about James Deen..

So, James is anti OSHA, anti AHF up until the time he’s accused of rape and domestic violence..News begins circulating that OHSA is gonna start looking more closely at Deen, all the sudden Mr. Anti-AHF guy starts booking condom scenes..Weird huh? OSHA puts you in the cross-hairs and the boy leader of porn all the sudden is all about the condom..

I have a question for James. Did you resign from APAC because of the abuse scandal? Or was it because you’d have a hard time explaining to the world your sudden flip flop on rubbers?

Yesterday, I was on the phone with my baby mama Shy Love..I brought up Mr. Marcus, the guy everyone talks bad about..I told her when everyone turned their backs on him, he refused to play AHFs game and take the money. He stood strong and took his beatdown like a man..That’s a guy who should be respected..Not James Deen

James Deen leads fight against AHF. News at 11

James Deen sucks up to OSHA, starts booking condom shoots, News on TRPWL

I heard James had a good day on set yesterday 🙂 Like a porn crimestoppers…


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8 years ago

Are you guys crazy? Replicating Farrah? Just pouring shit over him to seek attention. This is more shitty than Farrah Nicki fight.

Jody Williams
Jody Williams
8 years ago

When I started getting more and more calls from women to our hotline that they had done porn, and were HIV positive, I became concerned. I’d always felt that AIM had been targeted for sabotage to be shut down the way it was. It wasn’t just the bribe setup by them someone hacking into the files and leaking them – it was the total nail on the coffin. Then to see the connection with AHF – not a doubt in my mind. I had contacted James asking if we could (1) coordinate on some kind of protest against AHF and… Read more »

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