Did Y-List Performer Kora Peters Sexually Assault An ATT Employee???? #HIMTOO

Apr 9, 2020
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99.9 % of you have NO clue who Kora Peters is. And thats a good thing, I on the other hand remember her for the lying piece of monkey shit she is.

For those that don’t know, several years ago, Kora falsely accused James Deen of rape.

Using her own tweets, her story was quickly disproven.

Never to let the truth get in the way, Kora has interviewed with several people about the rape that never happened…

I’ve brought you here today for this tweet:

Based on the tweet, one has to wonder if Kora viciously assaulted a young tech from ATT,  then sexually assaulted him, possibly uploaded the footage to her Onlyfans. Like the guy doesn’t have enough to worry about with the Coronavirus? He’ll be on her Onlyfans and both of her subscribers can watch.

Now, I’m not sure if that happened, I can only infer based on the tweet, she’s asking for medical reports, like maybe she hurt his penis with her dentures. Police report will say, maybe she left trace menopausal juice on his freshly bruised supple tech penis.

I wonder if ATT insured his penis prior to the assault, like Keiran’s?

If Kora is convicted of sexually assaulting the young fresh faced barely legal ATT tech guy, will she do any jail time?

I just got a reader email from a guy who says he knows the guy whose cousins the with guy who Kora allegedly assaulted, apparently he was a virgin, and Kora took that from him.

Of course, none of what I wrote could be true, the young virgin boy could have shown up to turn off Kora’s cable and she pushed him. But that’s not as juicy as a real live sexual assault, right Kora?

Lets just hope that Kora didn’t sexually assault a young Asian barely legal virgin who was forced to work during the fake pandemic in order to save enough money to pay the kidnappers who are currently holding his family hostage.


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7 months ago

Most men are too afraid of ridicule to report physical or sexual abuse by women. I myself was subjected to trauma induced by being taken advantage of sexually by a woman. I was high on methamphetamine and drinking heavily when i picked up a woman who was a good 50 rumpled pounds larger than her photos showed. She was meaty and borderline in the photos, but my impaired state and her coercion via describing vile acts she would like to perform coaxed me out of the safety of my home and into the darkness of the night. Those same chemicals… Read more »

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