Don’t Drink the Hillbilly Kool-Aid: LATATA Thriving After Being Pronounced DOA

May 19, 2015
Adult Business News
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Contrary to reports on lesser sites with lesser Alexa rankings, LATATA isn’t circling the drain. In fact, the chemo is over and LATATA has been pronounced cancer free. Now that the cancerous pus-filled cysts have been removed, LATATA meetings are more productive than ever. In fact, the most recent meeting saw elections and new members added.


Mark Spiegler, against his wishes, has been elected President – the vote was 967 for and 1 against. Winning the seat by such a large margin will surely lead to the creation of the Spiegler Highway, paid for with cash bonds he hides in his closet, and, if all goes as planned, the Spiegler Library of Cats will follow.

Mark Schechter, owner and operator of ATMLA, has been elected Treasurer. When asked of his qualifications he said something about being Jewish, a money cave, and his hatred for Scott Tenorman.

Sandra McCarthy of OC Modeling is the Secretary, she types 300 words a minute and loves watching reruns of you guessed it, The O.C.

Current Members of LATATA are: 101 Modeling, Adult Talent Managers (ATMLA), Foxxx Modeling, Ideal Image Models, Matrix Models, Motley Models, OC Modeling, and Spiegler Girls.

To read more about LATATA and increase my hold time, please click this LATATA search link, you wont be sorry.

Derek Hay and Shy Love Leave LATATA - Group announces reorganization

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