eXXXotica NJ Wrap Up: Fanboi on the Loose

Nov 14, 2012
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I had @dakine7 help with Exxxotica coverage. The following is his story..Be advised that TRPWL will not cooperate with any law enforcement and we know NOTHING about any missing Asian porn chicks or any shotgun weddings that occurred after exxxotica..I along with Gimmick invoke our 5th amendment rights…

I was going crazy. I was losing my mind. I was slowly being seduced by the dark side as I looked to my right and pretended not to see Ron Jeremy standing next to me in the elevator. I was at the Sheraton Hotel in Edison, New Jersey and reality was about to be suspended for the next 72 hours. I was about to run into some really nice people and some real characters.  Oh shit, there goes Lisa Ann…

      There was so much to do at eXXXotica. Everything from sex toys, to hand blown glass bongs, to “monkey bars” you could strap around a woman’s waist and grab onto while you’re doing anal. However, I was after something more specific. I had to photograph the incredibly beautiful women at eXXXotica. But before all that insanity happened, I spent some time hanging out with Mike Fattorosi, Esq., Adult Industry Attorney and the very beautiful Rebecca Bardoux.  He’s the coolest guy you ever want to meet and a cornucopia of information when it comes to the ins-and-out of the adult industry.  Mike‘s seminars on the adult industry were very informative and entertaining as well. Rebecca Bardoux is a living legend and pretty freakin’ steaming hot!  There was no point at the convention where I was not having a great time with Mike and Rebecca Bardoux.  I also met the really wonderful and smoking Kelly Shibari. It was a delight and privilege to spend the amount of time that I did hanging out at her booth and talking about everything under the sun with her. I learned a lot about the industry from her as well and a lot on rope bondage too.  Oh shit, Lisa Ann is standing next me in the elevator…

      Now back to my primary task which was flirting with hot porn stars and taking pictures of them.  Now contrary to one’s belief porn stars are females which means they are susceptible to my charms and I got a wrist full of them, trust me.  But what really surprised me is that I actually took some decent pictures of these gorgeous women.  I won three national awards for outstanding photography 20 years ago in high school.  I didn’t think I still had it in me.  First off, I met Tori Black.  I hit her up and we talked about what her feelings were on the recent passage of Measure B.  She felt it was a bad measure because performers should have the choice with what to do with their bodies, she said.  Tori was actually fun to be around.  I popped in on her several times during the show and we both agreed about the lack of sleep we were both getting.  On Sunday when I saw her I told her I got to bed around 9:30 PM due to total exhaustion and Tori was pretty jealous about that.  LOL.

 I was also really happy I had the opportunity to talk with Charmane Star for about 20 minutes.  She is one of my favorites.  She doesn’t really shoot porn anymore but is doing a lot of mainstream projects.  She really couldn’t tell me much about the projects she’s working on even though she seemed like she really wanted to due to production policy.  We then discussed the direction the adult industry is heading in, which she admits has changed a lot in the past several years.  I told her apparently camming is the direction where everything is headed.  Charmane told me she wasn’t too comfortable with camming but actually felt more comfortable feature dancing in places like Hawaii and San Francisco.  Charmane is also a big fan of zombie movies and even had an opportunity to work in a zombie film.  I have to admit when Charmane gets into full zombie makeup she still looks pretty damn good for undead.  I’d let her eat my brains any day of the week.  We then talked about the recent syphilis outbreak in the industry.  She felt it was very important that performers respect each other and be honest about the status of their panel testing.  I think we also talked a little about Charmane’s rescue dog, Astrid, a black lab that that is the coolest dog in town and cute when she paints its nails green.  

Jacky Joy was also a very fun girl to be around.  She is very warm and fun loving.  Oh that’s right I have to tweet her some songs by the Chemical Brothers.  Ash Hollywood was also pretty fun to talk to with her blue porcupine backpack.  Oh shit, there is Lisa Ann having a smoke in the lobby.

Overall, I had a great time at Exxxotica, NJ. The venue was a total blast. I learned a lot about the industry and had the opportunity to meet really cool people and take some really good photographs.


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