List of ‘First Generation Contacts’ Reportedly Short; All Names Notified, Tested

Dec 7, 2013
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The adult performer whose positive HIV test led to the calling of a production moratorium did not shoot much during the relevant time period, and most of his scene partners may have already “tested out” — meaning they re-tested two weeks or more after working with the patient and came up negative — TRPWL sources say.
The positive performer has cooperated with the testing doctors in compiling a list of his sex partners
As noted in our previous report, the patient’s last clean test was in mid-November, and he became symptomatic and unable to work by the end of the month. He then tested at a PASS-affiliated testing centers on December 3rd and again on December 5th. This brief window, combined with his not being a highly-active performer during November, has reportedly led to a short list of “first generation” contacts.
The Free Speech Coalition on Saturday announced that the “first generation” of performers have now all been notified in the wake of a new HIV case that prompted an industry-wide moratorium  on shooting that started Friday.
The FSC issued an update on the status of performer testing on its blog:
“On Friday, a performer who had worked in the adult industry tested positive for HIV during the mandated fourteen-day industry screening. Since then, there has been a lot of speculation about the performer — including a name — in both social media and on blogs, a fair amount of it unfounded and some of it ugly. The performer deserves privacy and dignity at this difficult time, and we ask that our colleagues and the media respect the performer’s wishes for privacy unless he or she wishes to speak.
“Understandably, the larger performer pool is concerned about whether they’ve been affected or exposed. Due to HIPAA regulations, the PASS doctor working with the performer can not discuss any specifics of the performer’s case with the public, or even with us, so be wary of rumors. We can, however, tell you this:
  • All first-generation contacts (people with whom the performer had contact, on-set or off, that could have transmitted the virus, within the window of the last negative test) have been contacted and tested.
  • We should have all results of those tests by early next week. We’ll alert you as we know.
  • The positive performer is working with the testing doctors to determine a timeline and genealogy of the virus, and to determine if the performer pool was exposed.
“That said, we want to remind those who would point fingers — either at the performer or his or her work — is that HIV is a virus, not a moral issue. It affects all people, and all populations, and occupations; all of them deserve compassion. Whoever this performer is, he or she is one of our own, and should be treated with the same respect and dignity that we’d want for ourselves in this situation.
We will release more information as we are able.”

An FAQ about STIs, Testing and Moratoriums

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10 years ago

So far so good. A quick response and a strong message to the community not to jump to conclusions. If this is the new direction I like it. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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