Pressley Carter Claims HIV+ Performer Tried to Arrange A Cam Show Performance After Testing Positive

Dec 8, 2013
Adult Business News
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Adult performer Pressley Carter has revealed screen caps of a purported text conversation with the HIV+ performer in which he attempts to arrange to perform on webcam with her on Sunday, December 8th.

According to Carter, “his bad test came back the third [of December] … he hit me up the day after his first bad test”. Carter seems to believe that the patient received an initial positive test result on December 3rd, and the implication is that the text conversation occurred on December 4th.

Unfortunately, the available screencaps of the text messages Carter claims the patient sent her do NOT show when he texted her, only when she initiated a new exchange on Thursday, December 5th. We do know that the patient began tweeting Carter on the afternoon of Monday, December 2nd.

Carter’s claims hinge upon the question of when the patient knew he had tested positive.

The patient did in fact have a sample drawn on Tuesday, December 3rd — contrary to reports on other sites, the sample was in fact drawn at Talent Testing Service (TTS).

We do not know at what time of day he tested, nor whether his test result was returned on Wednesday the 4th, nor whether it was conclusive. It has been speculated that his test came back on that date, and that he supplied another sample at TTS, but that fact has not been established either way at this time.

In fact, TRPWL has received a report that TTS informed the patient that they wanted another blood sample, and instead he went to CET (on Thursday, December 5th). If accurate, this would tend to support the theory that his original TTS test was inconclusive.

What we do know is that the patient tested again at Cutting Edge testing (CET) on Thursday, the 5th, and it was on the following day that CET established he was HIV-positive.

Adult testing protocols require that a positive HIV test result be reported immediately to PASS, and according to published reports, PASS was not notified until Friday December 6th.

Therefore, based on the evidence available, it is far from certain that the performer knew of his status at the time he attempted to book a performance with Carter.

Here are the text messages, and a calendar, that Carter claims the patient sent her:

Patient to Pressley Carter 1

Patient to Pressley Carter 2

Patient to Pressley Carter 3

Patient to Pressley Carter 4

Patient calendar sent to PC

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10 years ago

But AIM was a monopoly. We’re SOOO much safer after AHF killed it and now we have competing testing facilities to have to coordinate. No way anyone could slip through the gap between.

10 years ago

Dam. Pressley, and all of us, lucked out. Would have been terrible for porn to lose a quality piece of ass like that. I don’t think she has even done anal yet.


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Shit Stains
Shit Stains
10 years ago

Check out her twitter feed. Not much going up up stairs. Completely brain dead.

Michael Whiteacre
Michael Whiteacre
10 years ago
Reply to  Shit Stains

Honestly, I can’t understand a friggin’ thing she writes.

Shit Stains
Shit Stains
10 years ago

That’s because you don’t speak Moron.

10 years ago

The night she was bugging out looking for a “puppy hospital” was one of the most amazing and hilarious things I ever seen on the internets. It took on the hilarious tone because her dog wound up just having gas.


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