FSC Needs Money, Launches 2257DONATE.com- Big Shocker Right ?

Mar 28, 2013
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I guess the money they spent taking down PWL, stopping DOT XXX and keeping Measure B from passing depleted their expense accounts… So they are launching 2257DONATE.com.. Give as much as you can but whatever you do dont ask them what its being spent on.. “its none of your concern” lol I think maybe they should drop FREE from their name..Aint nothing free when it comes to them..

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Free Speech Coalition (FSC) has launched a fundraising website, 2257Donate.com, to raise money for the continuing legal effort against 18 U.S.C. § 2257, the federal regulations governing recordkeeping for adult producers.

FSC has challenged 2257 on behalf of industry stakeholders, contending that the regulations represent an unconstitutional invasion of privacy for performers. The impossible-to-comply-with regulations that burden producers also would imprison and fine producers for even slight errors in recordkeeping procedure.

The current suit filed by FSC is in the discovery phase and has been “fast-tracked” by the courts, so that it may be heard as early as June. Attorney J. Michael Murray is representing Free Speech Coalition.

“A successful outcome to this litigation will save millions for adult companies who do business online,’ said Diane Duke, FSC Chief Executive Officer. “Additionally, it will eliminate the threat of jail time for even the slightest of 2257 violations, from incorrect font size on your website, to misfiling of a document. This is our last opportunity to overturn this oppressive and misguided regulation.

“But FSC can’t afford to do this alone,” Duke added. “We need to raise $300,000 in the next few months to fund this successful effort. We need your help. Please give, and please give generously.”

FSC is asking that all industry members – companies, producers, performers and fans – please, donate to fund these legal efforts so that the trial may continue. If current regulations are struck down, it will be a major victory for the rights of producers, performers, distributors and the adult industry overall.

Kink.com founder and FSC Board member Peter Acworth has been working diligently to help with fundraising efforts, and his company has donated $20,000 to the legal effort.

“I am deeply concerned about 2257,” Acworth said. “Just one issue is that 2257 requires a primary producer to share a performer’s personal information and ID’s with secondary producers (‘Secondary Producer’ means ‘anyone with a website’.). This is a clear violation of model’s privacy rights. Moreover, 2257 is impossible to comply with for a live cams product and overly burdensome even for the primary producer. Please let’s stay active during lull in 2257 inspections, and defeat 2257 while there is still a chance.”

Online Buddies, Inc./Manhunt.net co-founder Jonathan Crutchley also voiced concern over the fate of 2257 litigation and the potential for harm that may result from stopping the current lawsuit.

“Adult industry business should unite to beat this regulatory scheme,” Crutchley said. “Though there have not been recent prosecutions, if 2257 is not struck down, the door will always be open for legal action against producers and the threat of privacy violations against performers.”

All contributors that wish to be recognized will be named on the 2257Donate.com site. For more information about 2257 or how you can help, please contact Diane Duke at (818) 348-9373 or diane@freespeechcoalition.com.

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