Gauge Mounts Comeback After ‘Civilian’ World Shuns Her

After blasting onto the adult entertainment scene at the tender age of 18 and sticking around long enough to make herself a household name, the girl known as Gauge suddenly called it quits in 2005 and rejoined the world of “regular civilians.”


But after several years of trying to make it on the outside, the now-33-year-old had decided to return to porn with a comeback film for Brazzers.

In a lengthy tell-all interview with Billy “Mister POV” Watson, the diminutive Southern belle talks about her post-porn attempts to land a “legitimate job,” her Scarlet Letter struggles with the prejudice of potential employers, and her eventual “relapse” and return to blue work.

As one YouTube commenter astutely observes, “The court of public opinion degrades these girls FAR MORE than any producer or director is capable of.”

Source Gawker