Hall of Fame Management Shut Down By Cum Towel Jockeys???? LMAO

Sep 7, 2012
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Normally, I don’t like to report on businesses that fail. It takes a lot to get a new venture off the ground and even more to keep it going. Sometimes things don’t work out..part of life. With that being said, when you start a company and part of your press release is an insult to those who have already succeeded, I tend to take notice. Likewise, I tend to notice when you try and poach my pal’s girls, insult him and tell anyone who will listen you’re gonna close him down. Then not only do I write about it, I laugh in your fucking face.

All the quotes below are from interviews Tom Byron did, and, of course, Rob Black was pulling his strings. Now I’m not saying they’re gone…but their website has been offline for awhile now and in my humble opinion a porn management company that offers :

Hall of Fame Management also features a whole new style of website, where not only can producers see pictures, but also video clips of the talent to get a better idea of how they look in real life. All of this is shot in house by some of the top photographers and videographers in the business.

May need some sort of website. But then what do I know? I’m just a low rate blog that’s not on the same level as “The Big Boy” Blogs…

Here’s a few random quotes:

Sounds like hardball and Byron agrees noting that he “poached” his new Supergirl from another agency that was asleep at the wheel.

“Our management company is not going to play nice,” he admits

“We don’t play well with others.”.

There’s nobody here guiding your career who used to be a former PA or cum towel jockey.”

Maybe you guys should think twice next time. I mean running your mouth like an asshole then getting into an elevator at AVN, not knowing who the guy standing next to you is could have gotten awkward…

Some of these quotes were taken from Adult FYI

And XCritic

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10 years ago

Good for Tee Reel and the Team at Ideal Image Management, seems like they are in a David vs Goliath fight, I hope they continue to come out on top!


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