How Dumb Is Hatler Gurius? Let Your Ole’ Boy TRPWL Show You

Feb 14, 2024
Adult Business
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Let me be perfectly clear, I’ve been doing my very best to not make fun of people this week..and Unfortunately, Like Asian women trying to turn left, I have failed miserably.

Case in point, Hatler. I have sat back and watched him say the dumbest shit over the last 73.997 hours, call me Sammy The Bull Gravano, cuz I can no longer remain silent..

Hatler made this tweet earlier today:

I’m surmising that Hatler claims to be smarter than most lawyers.

Check out this Hatler Text Message;

Hmm, I’m pretty sure that’s NOT what Statutory rape is.

Who knows, maybe at the Law Offices Of Hatler Gurius, having sex with someone for a trophy is ‘Statue Rape” not “Statutory Rape”, Get it?? Of course, you do.

You would think someone who is smarter than most lawyers and wants people to vote for him as Union President, would have a basic understanding of voting rights/law.

Hatler, who currently claims to reside in Vegas, says he can’t vote cuz he’s a felon hmmmmmm

Weird, maybe he lives in California?

Maybe he lives In Idaho:


None of this makes sense, after all, Hatler is smarter than most lawyers, he’s self taught, and his felony conviction is the only thing keeping him off the Supreme Court..

Do I need to keep going? or can I move on to another topic… Okay, I turn now. Good luck everybody else!

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1 month ago

LULZ. I’ve been watching his X account. He’s a classic narcissist. With so many self proclaimed talents, you’d think his OF would be doing better

1 month ago
Reply to  hatlerhasHIV

The OD countdown is on. They will find this guy in a homeless encampment with an iPhone 9 and a needle in his arm.

1 month ago
Reply to  Drugsarentgood

How much longer until AVN kills him? if they do, I expect Adobes stock to plummet, guy photo-shops every pic - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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