James Bartholet Claims He Danced In Michael Jackson’s Thriller Video #Cher #Fergie #BettyWhite

Jan 30, 2022
Adult Business News
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Over the years, I’ve written my share of James Bartholet stories.  For the life of me, I’ve never understood why I’m the only one. This guy is a legit predator, but for some reason the other lesser blogs promote him,  XBIZ let him speak at it’s super spreader event, and FSC thought it would be a good idea to appear on his fly by night podcast. Meanwhile, he uses that exposure to legitimize himself, which in turn helps him find more victims.  But I gave up being mad about this years ago, this is porn, rapists and women beaters thrive, don’t believe me? Take a gander at the OC roster, it’s like an episode of OZ.

This is the one post where I’ll let one of his former clients tell the story. Keep in mind that this is a guy who goes onto porn sets and tells people he’s a “Big Deal” in porn…

Can someone find out why him and Fergie broke up? Was it his really old looking penis? Did Fergie walk in in him and Navy reject Astrid Star? I need answers man.

That actually makes sense. But hey, it’s porn, so no one cares.


For anyone who rents out the studio in the back of the strip club on Coldwater Canyon that James claims to be the owner of, he’s not. He’s just the face of it, the strip club owns the studio. But by renting it you’re helping put money in his pocket and subjecting the talent to harm. But hey, the location is by train tracks and the Los Angeles River…

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2 years ago

If you are JEALOUS and a total CUNT do not write your lie stories about anyone. READ the “about TRPWL” without using your asshole to read? Can you do that first grade school girl flunk out? Also, if “1.5 MILLION” idiots read this blog/shit site why do you have such old ass fairy tale stories of lies? How UGLY are you that you can’t make porn, fatso? Also, old fart, why do you hate porn and sex and women so much? Can’t get it up, school girl bitch? According to your bad made up stories, everyone wants the money you… Read more »

Red Reddington
2 years ago
Reply to  Jeff

man, i must of struck a nerve …You remind me of this pimp i know..he was also abused by his parents..Hope you can find happiness one day

2 years ago
Reply to  Red Reddington

My name is Jeff, I’m addicted to commenting porn sites.I blame Vivian and Rebecca for my life. Being sodomized by them on my 18th birthday with a cucumber really messed me up, im sorry TRPWL

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