Jesse Jane Accuses The “Industry” of Hiding HIV. TRPWL Has A Solution to Fix It

Dec 29, 2017
Adult Business
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For over two months now, this stupid unsubstantiated rumor has been going around bout a top secret group of HIV positive performers who have such low viral loads they are some how beating the tests and actively shooting.. Keep in mind that rumor was started by a disgruntled director and a performer.. Not once has anyone providing anything other then he said she said…Of course that doesn’t stop people from spreading it as if it were fact..

After pouring out some malt liquor for the dead homie Cindi Spiegler, I had careful discussions with my TRPWL action news team, we have come up with a solution that will stop people from spreading more bullshit about HIV people in the straight talent pool..

Its called the KDSPOT or Keep Drunk Stupid People Off Twitter. Currently, Twitter is testing the idea but will soon make it mandatory for all users…

I know, not everyone who says stupid shit is a drunk, thats why I’ve used this months ad revenue to hire a crack team of engineers to create the KMHOT or Keep Meth Heads Off Twitter.. Once both of these devices are in place, most of you will lose half your twitter follows…But thats a small price to pay for a sober twitter-verse

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  • So the industry doesn’t have a noted history of allowing hiv+ performers to shoot and expose people to the virus and you didn’t just post an article about a company allowing a performer to shoot on an expired test and expose someone to gonorrhea and qualitative testing picks up on hiv+ people with low viral loads?? You’d be wrong and a liar if you agreed on any of that .

    excuseyou December 29, 2017 3:43 pm 3:43 PM Reply
  • Someone should out Jesse for hiding cottage cheese in that ass and gunt.

    Seeing her feature dance is a pervert’s “Willie Mays in a Mets uniform” moment. She was literally laying on top of the bar, 6″ away from my friend when we walked in the joint, and 20minutes later he asked me when she’s supposed to hit the stage. Poor bastard looked like I told him there is no Santa Claus, when I said she was the one on the bar earlier.

    Also, Cindi Spiegler passed? I hope Fake Mike South and Fake Gene Ross are still doing OK.

    Crunkleschwitz December 30, 2017 12:20 am 12:20 AM Reply

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