Kayden Kross Talks About Assuming A New Position: President of ArrangementFinders.com

Jan 25, 2015
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Friday, superstar adult performer Kayden Kross announced that she has set forth on a new career path, joining ‘sugar dating’ website ArrangementFinders.com as the company’s new president.

“This is a business that is poised for substantial growth and long-term success, and I’m excited to lead that charge,” said Kross.


Kayden Kross, president


According to a published statement, Kross will assume day-to-day responsibilities as president, with the goal of building on the company’s current growth (the company reported that it had 3.6 million active members globally, and adds an average of 3,000 new members daily). She will also become the ‘face’ of ArrangementFinders.com.

As part of her deal, Kross has acquired a tidy equity stake in the company, valued at approximately $1 million.

Against the backdrop of the mammoth AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, I spoke with Kayden about the origin of her relationship with ArrangementFinders.com, and her vision for the company.

Kayden Kross Talks About Assuming A New Position: President of ArrangementFinders.com

Kayden Kross and Michael Whiteacre


MW: First of all, congratulations on this deal. How is it structured?

I have equity in ArrangementFinders as of yesterday — well, we announced it yesterday. And I’m taking on the role of president. I’m going to be doing all the media, and then basically spearheading new products.

MW: You have a corporate role but you’re also the spokesperson for the company. When did you begin entertaining this offer, and how did this all come about?

It was sort of an organic conversation that just grew and snowballed into this. I have known the one partner for a long time and we had thought of ways I could work with him for another brand he had, and then he went into this brand and took on another partner and they came to me about a viral video they wanted to do. So I wrote the video, starred in it, produced it, put it out. And it did really well. Then they came back and said ‘Okay, what else can we do?’

We talked about the AVN booth and we set it up, and it just kind of became, ‘how can we make this into a larger thing?’ And obviously I’m at a point in my career where I’m looking for something that has a big future, but which I can bring the adult experience too. I have nearly a decade at this point and I don’t want to just throw it away. It just seemed like a natural fit.

MW: Does this put you further in the direction of closing the door on the adult side of your career?

It’s funny, a lot of people are asking that. I’m not changing where I’m at in adult. Obviously I quit my contract with Digital Playground back in 2013. And from then forward I’ve only worked with Manuel [Ferrara] or with another female for his line, and it’s always been something I helped conceive. So I’ll continue to do that, on a passion project basis; only a few scenes a year. I’m not retired, but it’s more of a hobby thing than a career.

Still incorrigible

Still incorrigible

MW: What’s your history with ‘sugar dating’? Did you have the experience of meeting people that talk about it, did you have a personal basis to say, not just as a business person, “this is going to be a good opportunity because of what I’ve seen personally”?

Well, it’s one of those things where obviously in adult you get a lot of propositions from a lot of people, both ways. I know a lot of girls who have gone that route, [and] I know a lot of guys who have gone that route. I think the time it really clicked as something that’s growing was a few years ago, before that conversation with ArrangementFinders, when I was sitting in a hair salon and the hair stylist nonchalantly mentioned something her sugar daddy had just bought her. And I realized she was wearing ‘sugar daddy’ as an accessory. It’s something you have in your lifestyle now. It’s not for all women, but it’s a growing thing in major cities. You see this trend away from immediate ‘college degree… marriage… family’ to ‘college degree… really live it up for a decade… then think about settling down’. In that decade you have young women who really want to have a great time, and you have established men who still haven’t hit the ‘settle down’ point. And they really like young hot women. And it’s a growing trend.

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 9.35.24 AM

MW: You see ArrangementFinders as a lifestyle brand.

Yeah, what’s interesting about it is, ArrangementFinders isn’t competing with the ‘sugar daddy’ space; it’s not competing against sugardaddy4me or whatever. We’re competing with the match.com’s; we’re competing with the sites that have those young females who are in the wrong place because they’re looking for someone to date right now, but not to marry. Most of those sites that originally hit, that we all know, are for people looking for marriage. And so, ArrangementFinders is going after this group — we want to get the word out that this is where you should be if you’re really just trying to fill the next few years of your life with a good time.

MW: How much can you disclose about the way your deal with the company structured financially, in terms of valuation of yourself as spokesperson, etc.?

I can reveal there’s a million dollar equity stake… and no more. [laughs]


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