Keeping Sex Workers Quiet

Keeping Sex Workers Quiet

Reducing the sex industry to human trafficking silences the sex workers fighting for their labor rights.

But what about the children?” has long been liberals’ refrain when mocking social conservatives for their moral panic over sex and the law.

Yet when it comes to the sale of sexual services by consenting adults — and especially when sex workers make a case for their rights — many resort to this tired rhetoric, conjuring up the image of a helpless girl that is supposed to be the primary representative of commercial sex.

“The children” functions, then, as a trump card through which discourse about commercial sex decriminalization is shifted away from women advocating on their own behalves to the invisible children about which sex workers supposedly care little.

alana massey

The introduction of trafficking victims is a way of saying to sex workers, “Here is your chance to play Madonna, you whore.” Those who comply must cannibalize their own assertions that sex work is legitimate labor by apologizing for the scourge of trafficking. Those who do not comply are punished as self-interested creatures whose femininity has been disfigured by the depravity of their trade.

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2 Responses to "Keeping Sex Workers Quiet"

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  2. Jody   November 2, 2014 5:32 pm at 5:32 PM

    When I formed our program, Sex Workers Anonymous, it was to provide an “alternative to jail” for trafficking victims. I would go onto talk shows like Geraldo, Sally, Donahue, and speak out about trafficking. I would say that these men and women were being forced to prostitute – and then when they would try and ask for help – you arrest them. They told me they would not ever decriminalize it – so I created the 12 step program to provide an “alternative”. Not to brand all those in the industry as victims. However, I was the first program and the first hotline – so I was the “gold standard” and the “recognized name” in this field of trafficking. So what is this other side doing? Trying to use my name and intellectual property against my wishes. They have associated my name with them against my will. Lying to my face – they have been holding meetings of ours under the old name I discarded because it was “wrong” (but I still hold the copyrights for it) in association with these programs like Project Rose or “Division 17” of the Chicago Womens Jail just to name a few of them. They have made videos they signed my name to. When I found out about it – I’ve made them remove it. Now they have a woman, Brenda Myers Powell, they hired who is now trying to act like she’s “us” and named their whole trafficking program where they treat all prostitutes like children and victims which is absolutely not our program nor what we’re about – but they have named it “Prostitutes Anonymous” under our old name because that’s the name of the program we were when we helped Brenda to get out of being trafficked. But what they are doing is not our program – and they do not have my consent or permission to be using our name this way. If you go to you’ll see they slapped my name up on their conference to make it appear I’m speaking there – but I’m not. They are doing everything they can to make it appear that we are a part of this to not only “defame” us and destroy my relationships within the sex industry, but to corrupt our program into what they want it to be instead of what it is. When I refused to go along with this insane statements that “all prostitution is rape” they just decided to use my name anyway to stamp on their projects to get funding. When I wrote the jail and Brenda and said that I would be filing a formal injunction and lawsuit against them for that latest stunt with NBC News using my name – I then get a threatening letter from their lawyer telling me I can’t “speak to Brenda again”. Well that’s funny – I thought she’s running a meeting of ours there. But the jails lawyer is now stepping in telling me I can’t speak to her about matters concerning our program? I’m typing up the lawsuit myself against these people but I really could use a lawyer. ISN’T THERE A LAWYER OUT THERE THAT WILL HELP US WITH THIS? I can prove what these people are doing is fraud and copyright infringment and defamation – and we can shut this down and expose it. Or we can just go on bitching about what they’re doing while they do it. IF YOU KNOW A LAWYER HAVE THEM GET IN TOUCH WITH ME PLEASE TO STOP THIS MADNESS


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