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Oct 10, 2014
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Peter Acworth: SF's Prop I Will Kill Plans for an Armory Event Center

Owner Peter Acworth “aiming for to become a lifestyle brand.”

SAN FRANCISCO —, the world’s leader in BDSM and fetish entertainment, announced that it would be shifting direction away from some of its more extreme shoots to focus on a broader audience. In the past year, the company has expanded beyond traditional recorded porn to live events like tours, workshops and parties.


“We’ve been moving in this direction over the past year, and we’ve had many discussions about our company and its mission,” said Peter Acworth, founder of “We’ve seen tremendous growth in our workshops and educational elements, as well as our bar, and thought that it was time for us to refocus our priorities.”

Two of the company’s sites will no longer be produced; another will be rebranded to better keep with the company mission statement.

“While they were very popular, we have decided to move away from some of our more extreme products.  This entails ceasing to shoot Public Disgrace and Bound in Public, which incorporate audience members and extras, and rebranding HardCoreGangBangs as FantasyGangBangs.

“These changes are taking effect because we aim to refocus on our mission statement of demystifying and celebrating alternative sexualities. While these products were highly structured behind the scenes, we felt they did not always convey the negotiated and consensual nature of BDSM as it is actually safely practiced in the real world.  In some instances, the content could confuse the uninitiated viewer.”

“After almost two decades in the business, we’re looking to grow in ways that return to our original mission, and so we’re shifting our energies to things like Kink University, enhancing the social aspects of our websites, events in our community center, and adding the ability to buy kink-branded BDSM gear on our sites.  In short, we are aiming for to become a lifestyle brand. With the mainstreaming of kink as evidenced by the huge popularity of 50 Shades of Grey, we feel there is an opportunity to serve a wider customer base in the future.”




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  • I found it quite weird. There is no actual connection between the changes that they are about to make and the reasons that they use to put forward that changes.

    For instance, why do someone really needs to stop updating “Hardcoregangbangs” and rebrand it with “Fantasygangbangs” while he claims that he does it in order “to serve a wider customer base in the future”??? With that practice you’re not aiming to a wider customer base. You are more likely cutting down one proportion and hoping for a bigger one to get. If this is the case, to get more customers and become wider socially….they why don’t you keep what you have and just ADD another one?? And you can make that new one even more grandiose if you wish…You can promote it even more than the olds one. But do not remove the old ones!!

    Unless you feel ashamed of your older choices there is no other need to remove the previous sites for getting a wider customer audience. On the contrary, if you keep all of your sites and you add your more “popular” ones you have a bigger chance to get more people and keep your old ones. It’s not rocket science just pure logic. Unless there are some other reasons that you don’t want to release on the press, the current ones are not really convincing me. They are quite contradicting and I am forced to conclude that either the management is confused and is not really knowing what it wants to do and they are just trying things in order to keep up with their business…or there some REAL reasons behind all that changes and they prefer to keep that reasons sealed and away from public.

    Dim October 18, 2014 6:00 am 6:00 AM Reply
    • Gee, Dim…why not just come out and say that you really think the reason is making these moves is to protect themselves from AIDS Healthcare throwing more lawsuits and faked up HIV-AIDS incidents at them in order to fulfill AHF’s condom mandate campaign? Or…are you really implying that they are really covering up something sinister??

      Maybe they simply think that the harder stuff has had its heyday, and they want to rebrand themselves under a newer, kinder label. Or, simply, they want to protect themselves from the kind of chicanery that AHF is bound to attempt, by decreasing the risk of contamination from outside sources.

      Either way, it’s his company to do as he chooses. The rest of us can simply adjust.

      Anthony Kennerson October 18, 2014 9:04 am 9:04 AM Reply
      • Cool reply Anthony. I haven’t thought it that way. It seems to be a war..maybe yes maybe not.

        At least kink could have protected or inform and notify its loyal members in due time. What if someone have a membership yet to expire for months or even a year at Publicdisgrace, And Publicdigrace have already stopped releasing new updates?

        Dim October 18, 2014 8:55 pm 8:55 PM Reply

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