Ladies of the Guardian: please stop writing about sex

Apr 7, 2014
Sex Talk
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I’m generally a fan of the Guardian’s website, and sometimes write for it, but I’m sick of how much space it gives to ladettes banging on about sex.


It’s a firm rule that, to write on matters sexual, you have to be a young female with a jaunty prose style and a strong belief that (fully consensual) sex is GREAT! It’s good dirty fun – if you’re doing it right! Articles that take a more nuanced line are as rare as non-Etonian cabinet ministers.

A visiting Martian might be curious to know why this puffing of sex has to come from female writers – don’t men enjoy the bliss of sex too? Yes they do, but when they express this they are prone to a dodgy excess, to thinking Bad Thoughts that disrespect women, to tainting this magic playground with the sins of our fathers. They must patiently stay on the naughty step a while longer. All sexuality is equal, but some is more in tune with the basic goodness of sex. Only women can fully express this goodness. (Male writers must stick to sober, sad sex topics like erectile dysfunction.)

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Ernest Greene
Ernest Greene
10 years ago

The Guardian is everything I hate about UK “journalism.” It’s resolutely opposed to sex commerce, hates porn, gives plenty of time to the most extreme voices against these things, advocates for the Nordic Nuttiness and then fills its other pages with salacious junk and twaddle. This paper, which was founded to be a progressive voice in the UK press has a long history of selective vision. It was curiously silent on the Oscar Wilde case while just a few weeks ago engaging in an orgy of hand-wringing over the fact that the brilliant mathematician Alan Turing, who saved the country… Read more » - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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