Layla Price Calls Out Nina Kayy For Disgusting Only Fans 911 Sale

Sep 11, 2018
Adult Business
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nina kayy

Every year, without fail, some random makes a stupid tweet trying to take advantage of tragedy. Who could forget Johnathan Morgans girlfriend Lauren Phillips when she tried to push a website using the hashtag #shooting during the LAs Vegas mass shooting last year..

Or how about when Exposed Models offered a discount on white girls during Black History Month

Now we have Nina Kay offering 911 discounts…  WTF?  You don’t see Walmart, Costco or anyone with a sane mind offering 911 discounts..

Talk about fucked up

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Brooke Tyler
Brooke Tyler

And not surprising….this is what the industry has become. Chubbed out Jerry Springer throw aways who generally are one fry short of a happy meal. Oh, lets not forget completely self unaware. Heros amongst among heros they all are, both mentally and physically…if you’re asking them that is. The rest of us see whining, groveling, tubby trolls, spreading their ass cheeks for a quarter. Wait…dammit…can I say these things anymore? Fuck it, my right to offend is way more important than their right not to be offended.


No one ever said porn girls were smart. Most of the girls are as bright as a 5 watt light bulb. The only thing they are good at is sucking and fucking. Not surprising they do things like this.


Making a small discount with her own stuff is making “profit off of tragedy”? But there is a gift shop inside the The 9/11 museum… - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic