Leaked Mike South Emails Reveal The Man Who Built Rob Black

Leaked Mike South Emails Reveal The Man Who Built Rob Black

Well, well, what do we have here?

It’s a May 2013 email thread featuring a Mike South / Rob Black love fest. One month later, performer Katie Summers, under Black’s tutelage, filed a lawsuit against HIV-positive director John Stagliano and his company Evil Angel, alleging “negligence, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and sexual battery” for touching her butt cheeks with his hand in a scene of the 2010 movie “Buttman’s Stretch Class 4.”

Here we find South, the only porn gossip blogger with AHF on speed dial, furthering his personal mission to undermine performer testing by feeding information to con-artist/snitch Black. While members of the adult community were fighting for their rights in court and the California legislature, South was offering encouragement to the reviled Black and arming him with propaganda designed to demonize and help weaken confidence in adult business trade association Free Speech Coalition, and PASS (then APHSS) testing protocols.

Failed adult talent agent, amateur pornographer, gossip blogger and AHF lackey Mike South

True to his reputation as the adult world’s least factual blogger, South gets most of his information wrong (see below), but his cordial mentor-like guidance of vengeful pariah Rob Black is revealing.

Rob Black Fan
Rob Black fan

The Mike South – Rob Black emails

From: “mikesouth@mikesouth.com” <mikesouth@mikesouth.com>

To: Rob Black <rzblack@yahoo.com>

Sent: Tuesday, May 21, 2013 1:15 AM

Subject: Re: Rob Black


simply put the PCR DNA is a viral load test its good for early detection because it detects the actual virus, however if you have been on the anti virals and protease inhibitor drugs your viral load will drop low enough that the test will not catch it.


So someone like John Stagliano or Magic Johnson Or Karen Stagliano who has HIV but comes into the biz after taking the anti viral meds will test clean on PCR DNA tests.


Thats the dirty little secret that AIM and the FSC and APHSS have tried to hide for years…don’t take my word for it though look it up, ask a virologist.


That is why Kary Mullins the inventor of PCR technology said that it should never be used as an HIV test but simply as a diagnostic tool to determine the viral load. 




From: Rob Black <rzblack@yahoo.com>

To: “mikesouth@mikesouth.com” <mikesouth@mikesouth.com>

Sent: Tuesday, May 21, 2013 4:28 AM

Subject: Re: Rob Black



That’s why your you and I’m not smart. That was very neatly and simply explained and its fucking shocking.  Wow ok so now the question is what do they say is the best test that says med’s or no med’s you got the bug fucking simple cant hide it.






From: “mikesouth@mikesouth.com” <mikesouth@mikesouth.com>

To: Rob Black <rzblack@yahoo.com>


Dont sell yourself smart Rob  you are plenty smart, you get things…someone explained it to me as well ya know.


The Gold standard test is a term that the medical community uses to describe what it considers to be the best test.  Right now, for HIV the gold standard is the ELISA with the Western Blot as the confirmatory test.  If a person tests positive in porn with the PCR DNA test  they still use the Western Blot to confirm.  apparently it takes two different tests to confirm a diagnosis


now  30 years ago, the elisa test had a a potentially long window…everyone likes to use the 6 month term….With current elisa  testing that is not really true.  Current Elisa Testing will pick up  an infection in 90% of cases in the first ten days of exposure and  99+ in the first thirty….how does that compare to the PCR DNA?  it is almost identical


So why do we use PCR DNA…simple  It costs 100 dollars….AIM was making a much higher profit per test (about 60 dollars)


we could go to one test one shoot right now because the ELISA test called Oraquick is now available over the counter at any drugstore for less than 40 bucks


Ideally id say do one pcrdna test and an elisa when someone enters the biz and one test per shoot thereafter, maybe with a periodic elisa


John would NOT pass the ELISA Test BTW.


but the big thing here isnt so much HIV to me  fortunately HIV is actually pretty damn hard to get from heterosexual sex (except anal)  to me the big thing is the stuff we dont test for that is at least as dangerous as HIV  Like Hepatitis and HPV.


Hep-C will kill you faster than HIV these days.


when you break it down to its simplest form….its all about the money….



As noted above, Mike South gets most of his information wrong, as usual – even the name of the inventor of PCR testing (Kary Mullis, not Mullins). AIM Healthcare is long gone thanks to the efforts of AHF, yet South STILL can’t get the facts about their testing system right.


For six years, Tim Tritch was employed by the labs that tested the specimens drawn at AIM: Heathline Clinical Laboratories and later Westcliff Clinical Labs. Tritch was the Account Representative for the AIM Healthcare account, and he states:

Healthline Lab ran the HIV/PCR-DNA Qualitative [for AIM]… Healthline won several of the most prestigious awards in the laboratory industry, including the Roche Molecular Biology Laboratory of the Year, and was the West Coast Center of Excellence for Roche. Healthline basically became the school that all other laboratories trained at when applying for PCR validation…The head of Healthline Laboratory’s molecular biology department was part of the Nobel Prize winning team with Kerry Mullis who developed PCR technology.

That’s right, the man responsible for the testing done on behalf of the adult industry was a member of the team that developed PCR testing – yet South somehow knows better than him how the test he helped create should and should not be used…

For years, Mike South used to claim that AIM made a $90 profit per test, and had only switched to a PCR test to increase its revenue. Here he claims it was $60, which is still wrong. Again, let’s quote Tritch – who took home a commission on every test and knows exactly what the costs and margins were.

AIM purchased the tests for $75 and sold them for $120. That leaves 45 dollars to cover ALL of her (AIM administrator Sharon Mitchell’s] expenses. In reality, AIM could have made a larger profit with the Elisa test, which she could have gotten done, with the volume of tests her clinic did every day, for about 10 to 15 bucks. She could have charged fifty for that, and marked up the gonorrhea and chlamydia test by five or ten dollars. AIM paid $25 for the G/C and gave it to performers for $25. According to the Mike South School of Porn Economics that must be a $50 profit (lol).

As for South’s opinions on the relative merits of PCR vs ELISA HIV tests – well, they’re laughable too. (recently, TRPWL addressed the supremacy of PCR viral load testing in this report, and veteran performer/RN Nina Hartley broke it all down in great detail here.

In any event, today labs are required by law to run a parallel ELISA along with every PCR (not just as a confirmatory test if the PCR indicates ‘detected’). The parallel ELISA is called a ‘non reportable’ test. And the notion that an HIV+ person on meds would test negative on the PCR is laughable. HIV+ individuals routinely have PCR tests done to measure their viral load as part of their treatment.

Also – South claims HPV is “as least as dangerous as HIV”? Huh? Now, obviously Hepatitis C is serious business, but there is no consensus on how readily it can be transmitted sexually. “Hep C is transmitted blood-to-blood primarily through needle sharing among IV drug users,” Nina Hartley noted. “The CDC does not classify it as an STD and clinics aren’t required to report it to health authorities as such. It’s a nasty, often fatal, disease, but it’s not a risk for single-contact sex performances and the hysteria drummed up around it by the Usual Suspects is medically indefensible.”

Of course, this level of disinformation is par for the course with an axe-wielding blowhard like South, but the real story here is how South used Black to disseminate anti-FSC/PASS/APHSS propaganda. In doing so, Mike South helped build the monster that is Rob Black. Be sure to remember that the next time South tells you (in between AHF press releases) how much he loves the people in world of adult.

Report by Michael Whiteacre

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