Leigh Raven Takes $500 Donation From BlackPayback

Jul 19, 2018
Adult Business
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Leigh Raven, the girl who claimed to have been raped/assaulted on a set for….. BlackPayBack, has graciously accepted a 500 dollar  donation from them for her NEW car..

From Leigh’s Fundraiser  :

On June 6th my wife Nikki was driving my vehicle and (at Not the fault of her own) was in an accident, totaling my car.
She has sustained some injuries and is currently seeing a chiropractor/ pain management specialist. Unfortunately for me, my insurance only paid off my vehicle + $300 leaving me no cash for a down payment on a new car. Ordinarily, this wouldn’t be an issue for me because I have excellent Auto credit. BUT I have terrible credit due to medical bills and credit cards from paying for my hospital stays while having severe epilepsy and lupus episodes. I am currently working with a debt consolidation company to get these bills paid off, but that doesn’t reflect on my “credit score”…. I have attempted to apply for a loan solo, as well as with an amazing co-signer, and both have been declined.
I live/ work in LA & can not rely on Uber alone.

Gees, talk about bad luck, sexually assaulted THREE TIMES in 18 months, Epilepsy, Lupus, and an automobile accident..


She was so excited about that 500 bucks she made a YouTube video about the money, but she removed the video after her fans started to question why she took money from the same people she accused of assault.

Leigh Raven Takes Money From Black Payback from Brad Jones on Vimeo.

The irony in this is BlackPayBack.com ‘s premise is the black man getting back at white women for all the miscarriages of justice that have happened over the years, including fake rape claims.. Leigh is the poster child for this site…Not only was she shooting for the site when she cried rape, she then went on and made up lies about her African American male co-star..

Sort of makes one wonder if this whole thing wasn’t just some huge publicity stunt for the site launch?

Don’t forget, after the police told Leigh there was no evidence of assault, said she wouldn’t be pursuing a civil action, implying they are guilty, and she would win, because she didn’t want any money..(I’ve been practicing using my commas)

While I’m 95% sure I don’t know of any pornstars killed by a rattle snake, I’m 100% sure that, if Leigh pursued a civil case, coupled with her “Top Secret” evidence she claimed to have, Leigh would get more than 500 bucks. Unless of course, she lied.

There isn’t one shred of evidence to support her claim, but you fucking people keep giving her sympathy awards, money, trips, and covers, at what point will it stop…

I’m not a women, I have never been sexually assaulted,  but, I’d be willing to bet that most victims of sexual assault wouldn’t take money from the very people they accused of sexual assault, then make a video explaining to her ‘fans’ trying to justify why. Unless it was structured thru the court system, and to get to that point,  you need sort of proof…


Fuck Leigh Raven…..

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Crack Attack
Crack Attack
3 years ago

She really has no clue on when it’s time to let it all go

No more Leigh
No more Leigh
3 years ago

I couldn’t believe they gave this lying ? shithead the cover of Penthouse. Society as whole is in decline and she’s a perfect example as to why

Dip a toe
Dip a toe
3 years ago

Stupid ass. I can’t wait to hear some “final” news about this bitch. Girls like her are destroying the adult industry from the inside. I can’t believe anyone donated to her, least of all blackpayback! You need to reverse that donation, boys. FOH.

Don’t like bald chicks
Don’t like bald chicks
3 years ago

I could see it being a publicity stunt. Makes sense. Does anyone know if they Leigh Raven scene will be on Black Payback?

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